I have had RA for 10 years, but have been in remission for the last 3 - wonderful! i also have had fibromyalgia for the past 7 years. During the last 4 months or so I have started to sweat a tremendous lot on my face and head. The sweat pours down my face and drips off my nose. My hear gets really wet and I get very uncomfortable. This happens when I got a bit warmer with moving around, or having an alcoholic drinks. People remark on it, it is horrible. Anyone else got it or does anyone know why this happens?

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  • Hi muffin

    I am so sorry to read that you are having this problem and I genuinely hope that you can find some relief to this. There is a condition called hydrosis whereby people perspire a lot. It may be worth talking to your doctor about this.

    I want to wish you all the best of luck.

    Take care


  • I too get tis sweating thing,especially now too since its so warm and humid ,the only thing I do is hav a cool shower ,which helps ,fresh clothes on ,cotton preferably and start again,I keep my hair short forthis very reason ,ur not alone love x

  • I suffer with hyperhydrosis but only at night! It is really weird! I keep a fan on all night just to stay comfortable. As a result my GP constantly tests me for infections in case I have something that needs antibiotics!

    Take care

    Ken x

  • It's nice to know I a not alone with this. I really didn't know whether it was the fybro or not. Muffin

  • Ken my gp is sorting out a light weight wheel chair for me at last.the chair i have now is so heavy for my husband to lift.

  • That is wonderful news! I know many of the wheelchairs the NHS provides are really heavy, (my wife's chair weighs a ton!). So hopefully you won't have to wait too long and this one will be much better for both of you. I think lifting the chair is the real problem most of us have, as they are easy enough to push but trying to get them in and out of a car boot is awful.

    Good luck

    Ken x

  • Thanks ken for that.will try uploading pet photo again they are larger than stated.

  • Thanks for replying, I may just contact my GP. Muffin

  • Hi Muffin I suffer with the same problem as you. I get really embarrassed about it and like you don't no what to do about it. Sorry not any help but I feel a little comfort in nowing I'm not the only one. Take care . X

  • Thanks for replying. Yes it is very nice to know I am not sweating alone.


  • Me too, I've started wearing a cotton scarf round my head. I was driving the other day & it started, had trouble seeing as it was going in my eyes. I wear glasses so it was difficult to wipe out. Have invested in a flannel for car & googled how to tie headscarves. I now look like gypsy Rose. I swear if anyone asks me to read their palm I'll slap em

  • I also get it to a point that the heat / sweat make me feel sick .

  • This happens to me, to the point my hair looks like I just washed it and havent dried it yet, its uncomfortable to the point I dont drink alcohol, or go out much I have talked to doc about it, have had hormone levels checked, my thyroid checked, with no diagnosis.Its soul destroying and I havent found any way to handle it apart from carrying a hand fan with me.

  • Hi try aloe vera gel it will cool you down,on the back of your neck,may be try this.

  • Hi, I also get this I have spoken to the doctor and have tried a few things but nothing works. I am due to see the doctor again in a couple of weeks so going to bring it up again because it is so embarrassing.

  • Classic symptoms of menopause - I used to get it too, but mercifully it passed off after a few months and if I avoided alcohol.

  • Hi there :-) I started suffering with sweating when I was in my early to mid twenties, so it doesn't necessarily have to be the result of menopause. I only asked my GP about my sweating again last week and I'm now at the stage of my life where I might be menopausal had I not had a total hysterectomy over 20 years ago. My GP think it may well be a result of some of the meds I'm on and did prescribe something which I'm not going to take as the side effects are even more unpleasant, he knew, but wanted me to have the choice.

    Sending positive vibes your way :-)

    Foggy x

  • I only get the sweating when my breathing is bad,or woken up gasping for breathe,then it's like a bucket of water is thrown over me, use a fan to cool down.

  • hi i also suffer from sweating of a night is the worst.i have to get changed twice in the night its like ive wet the bed. ive had so many blood tests its not the menaporse all my bloods came bk clear . my doctor is looking into it for me there is ment to be a injection for it but my doc was;t shure i wil let you no what happens when i go back on the 24 july .i do have a fan going all night on me it helps a bit you should try take care speak soon x

  • I, like you have all said, have suffered with this for absolutely ages. I have recently found a couple of products which are helping me, one of which is a clever little fan, not a whirly one but one that you charge with a USB. If anyone wants any more info about either of the things which have helped me, please feel free to message me :-)

    Foggy x

  • I get this all the time now and feel really embarrassed about it. My head gets so wet that it drips into my eyes. Not good when you are driving. I see my Doctor soon so will ask about it. I am 68 and went through the Menopause years ago. Sorry but I don't know anything that will help you or me.

    It does say on my Lyrica that it is a side affect so it could be that


  • Im the same i have tried everything i cant see to drive as the sweet runs in my eyes i two have had the change so its not that they have change my drugs nothing help im so hot i havent worn a coat for 2 and a half years

  • HI muffin :)

    This is a subject matter that crops up frequently and sorry that it has become a problem for you I wake up soaked every time after sleeping and assume it's my medications working and my body getting rid of the toxins we don't need in our bodies, which is one of the reasons why we sweat!

    I am not a medical professional though so cannot get into the biological aspect of sweating nor can I say what causes it. I think a chat with your GP could be useful as together you will be able to work out what to do about it. There may be something they can do to help but if they don't know then they can't! :)

    Personally speaking I'd like to mention that you don't say what medications you take and wondered if it could be that. Also drinking alcohol will make you sweat especially if drinking on top of medications, it is usually not advised, something I miss :o as I like my real ales :( Maybe a certain food is triggering it?? I don't know! :o

    Anyhoo! here's a couple of links to Posts from the Past discussing sweating and hope they help :)

    Night Sweats and Hot Flushes?????

    Sweats with fibro doing my head in!!!!

    Sweats.........Does anyone suffer from really bad sweating for nothing?

    Take care and hope you find a solution soon, sending you cooling fluffies with smiles for you :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • When I lived in hot Florida, I never used to sweat. Now, with FM and RA, and all the meds I'm on, I sweat, awful. At night and during the hot days. I really think it's my meds, May be prednisone? I know it's not hormonal hot flashes because it doesn't feel the same.

  • I am just like everyone else here, suffer badly. I have been told by my Gp it is hormonal, that being the car I would have thought the HRT I am on would gave helped, it does not. :)

  • Hi i get the same at night in the day walking doing any thing even eating.i cant drink.i drink plenty of iced water.this is good. pure aloevera gel it cools instantly.may be try that.

  • Yes, constantly: ( I always look like. I just got out of a shower. Season doesnt matter. The best. I can tell you is like me carry a towel to wipe off your face, wear cool breathable clothing and when you can put a cold cloth to the back of your neck. I can not handle humidity at all, it much worse than. Everyone says it's menapau but my Dr says no I'm only 45. Make sure you drink plenty of water so you stay hydrated. I think I read somrwhere that hydrosis is not something a pill can get rid of. It's a fibromyalgia thing unfortunately.

  • I have had this for quite a while, it is only my head, neck and eventually back that sweat. It is a symptom of the fibro that the body cannot regulate its own heat, basically our thermostats are broken. As it always starts with the head i use cooling eye masks, but put them on my forehead and then neck. I bought these to help with migraines, but usually too sensitive to use them when in a migraine so repurposed them to help cool the blood! The hothead only occurs when physically busy (lucky that doesnt happen too often !) Or as i recently realised, if i bend over. If there are any othrr ways of dealing with this i would love to know. All the best,


  • I was told that to shazzzy and it started before i took any drugs

  • I too get this, only I don't drink. It seems that when I should be cool like upon waking up in the mornings I'm burning up. When I should be hot in the evenings I'm cool. Doesn't make a lot of sense. I sweat more on my face and head than anywhere else on my body. Guess it's due to the wonderful world of fibro??? xxx Mitzi

  • Just wanted to say I'm the same , I'm nearly 43 and hope it not yet menopause . I am on pregabalin ( Lyrica ) maybe that ??? I find my head is worst so much so that the back of my neck get very red and skin breaks down it horrid. I have a dyson fan blowing cool air all time when I'm in bed,cool showers,put body creams in fridge,ice water,cotton pjs can't think of anything else. Think everyone has mentioned everything I have already said ! Except one thing my mum has poly myalgia rheumatica which she had steroids for and had a reducing dose eventually she was always much worse than me wet through from head down with sweat she also liked a tipple of whiskey however now she is off steroids predisnolone she is absolutely fine it's gone !!! However do not stop steroids and it maybe this was only the case for my mum but thought you might want to hear it ! I hope we all get through the heat wave we are having in our bodies. Can anyone tell me if they find the fan cool air hurt there joint or around the joints.?? Thank you all for your interesting experiences. Best wishes squeak xx

  • I find I get this profuse sweating after I have completed any task, i.e. watering plantpots. I agree it is awful and hair becomes very very wet and you become red in the face. You cannot stop the heat or sweating that I know of. I would like to say that I am past menapausal and GP says it has to do with fibro. Maybe that is just an excuse I do not know but I think it may have to do with age also. Had to give up drinking because of medication.

  • I too suffer from central heating and it is there everyday of the year, I don't even have the luxury of turning it down.

    I have a ceiling fan on full in the lounge and also a moveable one on a little table aimed at my face wherever

    I sit, it tends to follow me around from room to room. I also have a ceiling fan in my bedroom and another fan on my bedside table. It's funny really when downstairs fans go off, upstairs ones are turned on.

    I feel so sorry for my hubby as he's sat in the cold and I tell him to put a jumper and a woolly hat on and we have a little giggle between ourselves, at night it's not so bad for him as I sleep in the west wing(lol) due to unsociable hours I keep, in bed, out of bed, in bed, out of bed.

    Definatly not menopause, had full hysterectomy years ago. I have lived like this for at least 10yrs

  • Yes I have this. I can't regulate my temperature and have to stuff wads of toilet roll up my chest and after I've washed my hair my head feels damp all the time. I'm often cold at the same time. i think coming up to the change does't help matters!

  • i sweat all over it is the bain of my life i would cope much better if i didnt sweat as much , my clothes are ringing wet my hair drips its so bad my trousers fell down becouse they were so wet i go bright red which of course draws more attraction to me as people always want to know if i need any help it has made me withdraw from outside my home as i cant cope with the attention i have asked so many people for help only to be told theres nothing thay can do about it , although im glean i feel dirty and sweaty i have even thought about dying as it seemed the only answer but of course its not , we have tryed changing my drugs but that did not help they say people with fibromyalgia have a confused thermastac in our bodies ! So you not alone xxx

  • Hi tiamaria, I know there is a deodorant available on prescription to help with the excessive sweating, that might get you back outside. It's horrible being stuck indoors all the time I know I am losing confidence in myself

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