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I was also trying to put my point across, people having talking lately about things all. i read is about benefit so as such it was getting too much. but at an point if i have offend any one because i was trying to make my point as well then i am sorry.

But i do have to express my feelings there was no response about eg medication therapy etc.

I once more apologizes for upsetting any one .

Sorry guys I promise that will not happen again.

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(((((hugs))))) Don't know what else to say xx


thanks lumley, try not to worry.

sometimes what we want to say does not come out in what we write.

where you asking for positive posts?

do you want to share anything positive?

I had a good sleep last night - I had 6 hours! :)


hamble :)


Don't worry about it, as Hamble says what is sometimes in our hearts doesn't come out the way we mean it to when we write it down. I sometimes reread a post of mine and wonder what planet I was on when I wrote it I blame the fibro fog that sometimes descends but I am sure everyones heart is in the right place.

I am having a degress of positivity at the moment as I have had to spend most of the day in bed and thought I would have to miss out on meeting a dear friend for a natter tomorrow and exchange of Xmas presents etc but after 6 hours treatment with my Tens machine I can now hobble along reasonably well and have eaten something so fingers crossed we can meet tomorrow.

Hope you have a good night.x

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Thanks for your support. I do appreciate it Thanks


The support is for all wishing to speak their mind. Diversity of opinions is valuable I hope you feel able to carry on contributing and making points. As a community we are stronger together than falling out over differences of opinion. :-)


We need contrasts and diferences sometimes as hamble says the written word implys other things.

On a positive note I love your blender very jealous do you have one :)



Yes I do have one Ha....Ha.....

lv u.


I answered 'Thanks' first silly me :)

I think Fleecy fluffies all round today as everyone needs hugs try not to let it bug you it will be forgotten soon enough :)

{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ Everyone }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

xxx sian


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