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Legs giving away


Just been out with my dog dougal, but had to cut his walk short. My leg gave way, along with a shooting pain, so I then thought I need to go home. I got up this morning feeling dizzy, I do hope this leaves me as my day is very busy. Had myself a cup of tea, and put one of those bandages on my leg, as I need to go to work. My memory is getting worse, it is frightening. I just pray that one day this will improve. However, I am grateful I have my grandchildren, to keep ,me going, and have a nice quiet life which I love.

I am guessing that I am not the only one, that has these symptoms. Any advice

Karen xx

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Yes I have the shooting pains which suddenly come on in either my foot or ankle and they feel weak and sort of tingling at the same time. You are then frightened to do much walking as you aren't sure whether they are going to let you down. Mine first often happens when I get up and then come to go downstairs and I always envisage I will pitch forward down the stairs and will be glad when we get a bungalow. It must be horrible to have that and then have to go to work especially if you are feeling dizzy as well.

Hope that it eases and you manage to do what you have to today. Soft


thanks for the understanding. My doctor said work does not help, but then who will pay the bills. I am back from work now, and so far it has eased. Thankfully I work for myself, so that helps. I always think what happens if they give way in the middle of crossing the road. thanks again talking helps too. My dog is a good listener, and never answers back.

Karen xxx


I held on for a year before they finished me at work always hoping that some treatment would help enough to get me back there, My husband had had to give up work a year before so it was a doubly anxious time. I could tell my doctor was pushing me to give in my notice as I think he ahd given up before me! It is a bit easier if you work for yourself but then as you say "who pays the bills" whereas if you are working for someone else you usually get a bit of respite with sick pay etc. Yes dogs do help tremendously I know that we had to have our 16 year old girl put down just before I became ill and it was a real blow to both of us as she was so much fun and very loving. Hope things ease for you.xx


I would suggest you have a check up with your GP, I've had similar symptoms nothing untoward found, I have nerve damage, I have been told to always go to the surgery and not to put all things down to Fibro. Hope you feel better soon. Lou x


Hi Karran my leg gives way also it just buckkes under me my Dr who is now retired suggested i get a walking stick then this wud act as a third leg it gives u more confidence i come downstairs sideways leaning on the wall and always having 2 feet on the stair before taking another step down hope this helps u as much as it did me Hugs x


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