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PIP : how long for you?


I am intrigued to know. Those of us residing in south England how long from sending off your new PIP did you get awarded?



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I am in south east.

My DLA was a renewal. It was dealt with quickly. However, my ESA has been running for 10 months and still awaiting assessment !

Nightmare eh!


My daughter has been waiting 28 weeks so far we are in the south west.

Am so sorry to hear that. Hope she doesn't have to wait much longer.


I waited 5 months

Hi shazzap12,

May I ask which part of England you are?

Thanks for responding


I am in Essex

I submitted my form about 15 weeks ago and looking at Jackie's post, I may be waiting for some time longer! :-(

Hi hopefulmind,

Here's wishing you dont have much longer to wait.

Which part of England are you from?


Hi Kitty!! I live in North Wales and my friend submitted her form a few months back, had her home interview last month, and received her award yesterday!! We fall under Capita here so I don't know if that makes any difference? XX

Kittyletmein in reply to sue32

Good point, I am wondering if there is a regional difference in England even though its covered by same agency.

Thanks for your reponse


jackie4ball in reply to sue32

My son was visited at home by Capita and he was on DLA he now has PIP he said the lady that visited him was very nice

In kent we are assessed by ATOS. Mine took 7 months.

I applied (for the first time) for PIP at the end of March this year. I had my assessment last Friday and was told it would be 4-6 weeks before I recieved a decision. Hmmmmm.....


I live in the West Midlands and though i waited a year for my Atos assessment, i am now in wrag grrr, i claimed for pip in July, got my home interview on 28th October and on the 8th Nov just 12 days later i got the decision that i had been successful, now all i need to know is can i now ask to be put in the support group, as so far this month i have attended 3 interviews at the jobcentre, which is ridiculous considering i have been given the enhanced mobility award,


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