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Hi Everyone

I have rheumatology appointment next week and was hoping someone might be able to help me explain the fatigue/achiness that many of us encounter.

Sometimes it feels like I am wrapped head to toe in elastic bands and moving a single muscle feels like a massive effort to pull against the bands. Also, it feels like your body parts are very heavy and moving is very draining. Does anyone feel the same? Does this make sense to anyone? If it makes sense to you guys then hopefully the doctor will understand! Thank you :) x

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  • Its like a toothache I allways say all in your boby or a like the flu realy heavy hand legs xxxx

  • Hi there, To me its like having a very heavy weight inside my body, some where just above my hips and walking is like wading through deep water. Or how i would imagine it would feel if gravity was increased.

    Sue xx

  • Yes, I think Sue summed it up(increase in gravity) I definitely understand. xx

  • Hi there

    Yes, I definitely feel the same. To me it's a bit like carrying a large concrete paving slab everywhere you go and you can't put it down for a second. Not even at night. This is how I imagine it would feel having to do that day in day out. Never ever getting a break from it. I agree it's like having 'flu all the time. It's so draining never being out of pain. I feel exhausted before my day has even begun.

    I hope that might make some sense to someone! It's how I feel anyway.


  • I think the best I have heard it described is like having flu all the time, that makes sense to me.

    Good luck with you appointment.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • I agree. It feels like having full blown flu in you're body all the time. For me shine days are better than others.

  • I agree. It feels like having full blown flu in you're body all the time. For me shine days are better than others.

  • This makes total sense to me. Walking can feel like you are trudging through thick mud. I always tell people that it feels like a really bad hangover on top of a really bad flu that never goes away.

    Good luck


  • Thanks everyone. We are definitely a creative bunch, I love all of our descriptions. I have another one... it is like wading through treacle!x

  • hi thought i was the only one who felt this way sorry what a relief dont worry the rheumatolagist has experiance and knows exactly where your pain is to tell if you have fibro tell him exactly what you have put on here he will understand please let us know .

  • Someone's poured lead in you which has spread through your body x

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