Nobody dances in our shoes Sorry about swearing at beginning very apt though

Nobody dances in our shoes Sorry about swearing at beginning very apt though

Betty reminded me of this.

This says it all.

Especially the very end.

How this kid captured the anger and frustration at coming up a brick wall is inspirational.

We dances on.


When we have picked ourselves up and dusted ourselves down.

Eats cake and by and large ignores well meaning advice.

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  • Wot a load of wallowing.

    Wallowing Wednesday allowed.

    By order of sodding shoulder.

  • Shall we form a club ? Mines giving me hell atm and it's the one that has been replaced .... Ggrrrrr


  • Good idea.

    Can we have this as our call to rally.

    What tag shall we adopt.

    True grit gang

    True it

    The possibilities are endless.

    Never ends does it.

    Full moon tomorrow. See you at the howlery baying at the moon.

  • I'll be there. xx

  • Wallowing allowed, only now and again mind, we all have our moments. I just come on here have a look see who is about, visit past pics of the day and realise it's not all bad. xxx

  • Oh cooooo eeeeeee I'm here :d :d


  • How you doing ? It's. But quiet round here today isn't it ?

  • I'm not too bad, been trying to work out what has made my face blow up like a balloon, woke up like it, another food sensitivity I expect , how are you? xx

  • Ha.

    It should be see u at the roarery.

    The words to the song speak to me when thinking of getting one up on the trouble

    Sodding shoulder causes.

    Think I am mad today wait till tomorrow mate.

  • Only now and again in public anyway.

  • he! he! Brilliant my friend! I really like the look of the cake

    Take care


  • Nothing new there, Ken :P

  • I have become one with the cake!

  • You have achieved Nirvana.

    Please let us into the secret, O Great One :P

  • Munching real slow!

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