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Is this what your fibro is like?


Not sure about the premise that we do it to ourselves, but open minded.

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Thats a really good way of getting it across, actually made me cry. xx

Me too Twiglet - just sobbed through pretty much all of it. I try so hard not to think of how I feel most of the time. I think my reaction tells the tale that bottling it up doesn't work...


The lovely song didn't help at all lol. I always cry at lovely songs....

I must be having a bad day, can I get that from You Tube and send it to my friends and family Sue? x

Very good, i will repost. Thanks x

Aye thats best ive seen at explaining it!

Sue end of video you can see embed and URL, click on URL till it highlights then copy it xx

Ahh I love that song. How funny, just seeing thepic of all those cars made me feel instantly stressed!!! And those scattered pills.....did nothing for my OCD!!! xx

that was really good now trying to stop crying cause i cant see the key bored lol thank you must show my family xxxx

This was a excellent way of explaining and very true and sad thankyou for sharing.

kel xxx

So true,one thing I will say though it`s nothing we do to the world or around us now.If you look at people they now think had it>Darwin Florence Nightingale ect ect xxxx

Just watched it...OMG i'm crying...that's how we all eyes are so welled up! xxx

Thanks so much for posting. It's just prompted me now to ask a new question. Yes the song is very poignant

YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! I went to a Family party last Friday,First for a long time and I didn't stay long. Uncomfortable, in pain and then got a Migraine! A relative came up and said upon noticing my walking stick "Is it really that bad?" Why would I walk with a stick if it wasn't? It was just the disbelieving look on her face.

@ ChristineEls : I just copied and pasted the link from the browser bar from youtube.

Made me cry! I just feel helpless as I sit here & get worse every day.