Anyone believe their Fibro is connected to other illness

I am 50yrs old and have been diag for 3yrs, but have had various symptoms since I was 17yrs. Always thought there was something wrong with me when I hated people leaning against me/touching me for too long as felt like intense pressure that became unbearable. I have asthma/suffered two TIA's before 40yrs /PCOS,Hietus Hernia/High blood pressure/TMJ.

I wonder if my conditions are connected in any way or if anyone else has the same type of combinations and wonders what is the link besides just bad luck!

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  • Hi cshields

    Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. That is a very interesting question? I have asthma, COPD, Sciatic nerve damage, arthritis, costochondritis, osteoporosis amongst other things, and in-between being told that I had nerve damage and no coccyx (as it had withered away), I was diagnosed with Fibro!

    I am no doctor or no expert, but I do wonder? It is impossible not too? I have asked myself in the past could it be that there is so much wrong with me that my brain can no longer react and respond to my pain properly and hence, Fibro? It would be wonderful to have some serious research into this issue?

    Take care


  • I am 51 and I was only diagnosed (officially) a few years back, I really started having major problems I could not ignore about 12 years ago.

    Looking back to my early adolescence I always thought their was something but couldn't understand what,, you are so busy being normal at that age but I always seemed to have pain and stiffness in the shoulders and many neck problems.

    A diagnosis is often subjective and not only in fibro.

    Just look at Seasonal Flu,, it is only the Flu if you have not been vaccinated.

    If you have been vaccinated against Flu and then start suffering, it is then referred to as Flu like symptoms.

    I think for all the tests and pathology that exist their is much poking around in the dark still !


  • I have TMJ, myofascial pain syndrome, irritable bowel, institial cystitis (although recently some doctors think it isn't IC but an inflammatory bowel and bladder condition), I had a frozen left shoulder which has never really recovered, I had a spell after a virus infection when I felt extremely tired but not like normal tiredness at all and I was thinking it might be chronic fatigue but fortunately I recovered after a few weeks, I have always had a pain in my thigh and can't bear anyone even touching it, I had bladder problems - stress incontinence and frequent UTI since the age of 14 - I think they are in some way all linked - and I also have positional cervical cord compression. I think they are all linked in some way, but I am not sure how.

  • Hi,

    I have thought about what/ if any connection there is. I had glandular fever when I was 16, tore 2 ligaments in my knee, had a whiplash injury and had swine flu in 2009. I also have IBS, PCOS, irritable bladder and Fibro. I pray everyday for advancements in research fibro!

    Take care

    Becky xxx

  • Hi yes I can sort of identify with you at 17 my hair started to thin at 11 I had a rash on my face ,which the gp at the time said he had never seen anything like it before and thought it was some sort of pox ,and told me to go home and I had different symptoms for years and just excepted it , and of course 4 years ago ,everything came to a head and I ended up in hospital and I have had times of being able to pretend I was ok but in jan this year my lungs became an issue and now I am no longer working ,I had a chat with my gp earlier this year and dissucussed all these things and he just sat there and said you never said anything you just got on with things and I just said well everybody gets aches and pains ,but I now know they don't get aches and pains like me ,or you etc , he just looked at me and said no they don't , I habe at moment been told I have MCTD ,poss lupus,,Sjorgrens ,raynaulds , Gilbert's , psysoris, and of course fibro and chronic fatigue but you look at me and unless you see me move I.e walk which I do most of the time with a stick when I am out I look fine :d I have put weight on but not to much yet and I am pleased to say my jeans size has dropped at moment which I am happy about .

    I am told by GPS I am complicated , and to be kind and gentle with myself I am by the way 52 Chris.

  • I myself don't like pressure on me. It is strange but come to think of it, I don't even like heavy jewelry. It too can cause pain. Seems silly but I even have my tv turned lower these days, as high noise effects me. Today it is colder so, need to wrap up. Try to re arrange your life to suit you, as I am sure this illness effects us all in different ways Karen xx

  • That's an interesting one, I have never wore heavy jewellery as is seemed really heavy on me but I never even thought it could be to do with fibro :)

  • I'm 56 in my teens I always had pains somewhere I had my children when I was very young and as someone else said hadn't the where-with-all to notice what was going on with me. When I was 40 I had symptoms I couldn't engore first dx was degenerated disc decease next spondylitis of the cervical and lumber spine this followed with fibro next on the list was anxiety then lupus, copd and last was small finer pollyneuropathy o I forgot to mention planter facilities.

  • I have Vitiligo, IBS, High blood pressure, neck damage and have been told the fibro is the same sort of thing as vitiligo, so who knows. Most of my aches and pains are bearable most days so I have a lot to be thankful for :)

  • Welcome. Yes I believe it is. I have never been what you might call a "well person" even as a child. I had severe childhood asthma which then reared its head again about 10 years back. I used to have unexplained aches in my leg and whenever I had an infection seemed to take months to get over it. I've always suffered with insomnia as well even from quite a young age. I had to have a hysterectomy and they removed my ovaries because they were just covered in cysts in my early 30's and then developed IBS. I always seemed to react badly to medication and my muscle aches would get worse. I then started to ahve neck pain and was diagnosed with arthritis in my neck when I was about 40. I then had a fall about 5 years back and developed costo-chondritis which never completely goes and a MRI scan showed deterioration in my spine and I now have arthritis in my hips and lower back together with all the fibro symptoms. It is just as though the body has always had a weakness and every illness just puts more strain on it until it says "no" and brings us all to a halt. It is as though all our nerve endings over react. . If you told people other than the lovely people on this site everything that you are suffering with they would think we are some kind of hypochondriacs especially as the symptoms seem to fluctuate daily or even hourly.Like us all I just wish they could find something that would effectively damp down the symptoms as I find painkillers of only limited helpx

  • I've had pain for about 20years but was diagnosed about 5 years ago. I also have cosochondritis , vertigo, ibs and arthritis. Like others I can not stand pressure on my body, especially my legs, they feel bruised all the time. X

  • Hi,

    I was fine until I had Bell's Palsy. Then all the fibre symptoms started.



  • Definitely (for me) a lot of things - physical overload. As a child Rheumatic Fever - Malaria & various other diseases/viruses. At 11 - Traumatic Injury to back in 3 places - endometriosis in teens ....was also suffering 'gelling' by then & on & on the list goes. This didn't suddenly appear was years in the making & eventually it forces you into total submission - & Im in bed writing this as I'm totally exhausted & trying to weather the pain. A REPRIEVE PLEASE for all of us. Ann

  • Hmmmm... Interesting. I also have a list of diagnoses and can't help but wonder about links.

    Let's hope that research comes along soon.

    Really hope today's not too bad for you.


  • It seems lots of us have more than one thing going on, it would be really good if the medical profession took a closer look at possible links. Certainly the autoimmune ones can be grouped together, and I have been told Fibro falls into this category. All I can say is we've often struggled on for a long time enduring symptoms before we eventually get a diagnosis, and once we do we're still left struggling for much of the time! Good luck and good wishes to you all. MariLiz

  • hi csheilds. i reckon arthritis has some thing to do with this illness.when i was young i had rickets, bone deficiency at 17 i was diagnosed with arthritis of spine, as i got older it was polyarthalgia arthritis all over body, tmj, highblood pressure, cholesterol, i have not got hi hernia but they are checking for gall stones, i have fibro to. so can confirm to any body fibromyalgia is a thousand times worse than arthritis. i reckon it hits the bones first then the ligaments and nerve system and brain and muscles, then the organs,

  • Have you gyne problems I have chronic plevic pain and tail bone pain imagine something growing on it I also have lag pain, and I connect these all from one problem, and now it turns out it might be endrometriosis you should look it to that

  • This is very interesting, it seems that many of us had a lot of serious illnesses as a child and adolescent. I certainly did too, I seemed to spend most of my childhood on antibiotics for chest infections, bronchial asthma, bronchial pneumonia, etc.

    I also have a great many health problems now, besides the fibro, all of which have been mentioned above by other people.

    I am wondering whether fibro can be caused by the undermining of our immune systems as children? It's an interesting thought!

    Mim xx

  • Thank you so much for all your replies. My asthma was not diagnosed until a major eps when I was 13yrs prior to that I suffered from what my then family GP refered to as just cattarh, thankfully he was away and a covering doc gave the correct diag bronchial asthma. I have always hated necklaces and any clothes that fitted around my neck, like polar jumpers as they have felt like I was being strangled. The top of my back has always been painful. I just put this down to my asthma. In my early twenties I went through an epsiode of not being able to walk properly due to what appeared to be a hip problem and I had very painful hands. Both were checked for arthritis,but given all clear. Eventually I was told that the birth control pill I was on caused the issue, so changed and seemed to help. Although I continued to have pain and stiffness around the time of my period. Over many years I have suffered from balance problems and flue like symptoms in the week before and during period. Did mention to GP but never got any answer. I have recvd over 4years of hormone treatment for my PCOS so that I could have my lovely daughter, after loosing 4 before her. Had my first TIA whilst preg and had a emergency c section. After which my memory seemed to really start to go, I seem to have very little recall on my childhood or early marriage. My second TIA happened shortly after having my son ,who I call my miracle as I was told I would never have children without treatment and then things got really interesting, I suffered facial paralysis just after his birth and this was the first time I was sent for to the neuroligist due to suspect MS. It is in the family so quite aware of the symptoms. Given all clear but no reason for symptoms. All through this time I have always worked long hours and often spent the weekend sleeping, again I thought this was my asthma. During long coughing fits I slipped a disc and then later after recovering fell down the stairs and put my coxy out which I think has caused a weakness in that area. Going foward over many year of bouts of just not feeling right, which I have ignored most of the time. My long suffering husband who has a heart valve issue finally got told it was time for it to be replaced. After the operation I was told that the cons had nearly left it too late and he was so close to dieing. I think this must have tilted me over the edge because thats when my symptoms went into overdrive and they have got worse over the last few years. My GP sent me again for to a Neurolgist because he thought I had MS, again answer no. I went privately to a rhematolgist who finanly performed various exclusion blood tests and diag Fibro. Only problem is that due to all other problems I am too high risk to take pain meds. Apologies first for long response and secondly for bad spelling another thing that seems to have left me. I still work full time within our own family business,but so angry that my ability is failing me and I just cannot do what I used to do. Some days I get so angry and although I do not want to feel sorry for myself I have to ask why so many things enough is enough surely there is a limit to what your body can accept both physically and mentally.

  • If those things are autoimmune related then yes I believe they are related. I have sjogren's syndrome, fibro and multiple myeloma ( a cancer of/in the plasma cells) each are autoimmune related. Maybe you can mention to your doctor or do some research to confirm. Some of my meds overlap and help one of the other issues.

  • I have migraine, tinnitus, jaw problems, hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia, small fibre neuropathy, arthritis in my hands, carpel tunnel syndrome, dry eyes, urticaria, gynae problems and depression. My GP says I'm just unlucky, but everything started going wrong for me when my thyroid packed up. I wish they could find out why I'm such a demic!

  • Yes I also have lots of severe illness, first started with woman problems, from 15 yrs old, but told I was a woman and had to just learn to live with it, 3-5 days every month I could not walk with severe pain in my led, hip and tummy, I was in deep agony every month, I had curets, scrapping of the womb, to calm down my blood flow, how every I did except it, as doctors told me, and did get on with my life, but had to explain, every month I needed 3 days off when I took my periods, as I was very heavy, and in agony,so would be no use, rolling on the floor and screaming in pain, and changing my self and washing every hour, and inbetween' So I always did get the jobs, because I was honest, I hemorriged , i then went on to have my children , loosing lots of blood before, and after each child , that was in the 70,s, I always asked the doctors for help each time I went because loosing blood was leaving me week and my immune system was always run down, so I was always poorly, and had everything under the sun, chilblains , chest infection, s colds, flu.s, but I kept on working sometime,s part time sometime full time. Then I had my 3rd child, and was great all through until 6 months, I had to tie my belly up with a support as the pain was really bad, I could,nt bare the weight, I was only 7 , 1/2 stone then. Always light made up. After my son was born, I had a break from my periods, as I was breast feeding,, it was great for a year, then when I started to ween him of at 9 months, all the pain came back with a vengence, turn out I had endometriosis that rotted away my apendex,s three years I attended my doctors and told it was IBS, , well I was collapsing in and out of unconsciousness, the pain, the sickness the weight loss, I felt I was dying, two doctors where sent for at different times that day, my sister told them anything happen to her, I,ll sue yous, so a ambulance came took me straight to A&E, I was rushed to theatre and I came out laughing' I was free of pain for the first time since I was 15 yrs old, I was now 32, oh thank you, I feel brilliant !!!!!!!! The nurses pushing my trolley, where laughing saying you must of had to much laughing gas!!!!! They joke with me, next day I felt over the moon, and wanted to go home as I needed just some more Christmas stuff in before the shops closed, they would,nt let me go home, until the consultant spoke to me, I had endometriosis , so why did my doctors not no this, said the consultant , he said I was in such a mess, how did I cope with the pain, I was giving moraine , he asked how long, I said ten years, he was angry and send my doctor a telling off letter, how could they not of known I was seriously ill, I could of die, he would let me go home after the op, so next day I seeker out, I wanted to spend Christmas with my kids, I did,nt live far from the hospital, they did after me, but it told them I was fine and in no pain, and felt on top of the world. 6 years the heavy bleeding came again, now if I had of been a doctor, I would of known right away it was endometriosis spreading thought my pelvis, womb, ovaries, tubes, and other places sticking my bowel to my other organs, with lots of adhesions, but they did,nt take me serious, because I looked to young to have it,I had some chocolate tumours all over, causing my ovaries ,one to shrivel up and rott way, the other was the size of a grapefruit. And everything else was a sticky mess, I was rushed into hospital' and to theatre , but they done keyhole,NAND told me, they could,nt operate as I had muilty adhesions, but, they would put me on Zalodex, to quitting down the adhesions, I would need to have it injected in my tummy for 6 months, every 4 weeks' after the first one I got in hospital, I fell asleep, my husband came to collect me 6pm that night and I could not stand up, I had to be put in a wheel chair to get to the car. From that day I had terriable pain in every part of my body, I then had my second injection, up at my doctors, went home and could not get out of bed, until I went back for my 3rd one, by this time I was like a 80 yr old, could not be touched as it hurt so bad, just before I got my 4th one, I felt I was dying, I was ripping my skin, and bleeding because I felt my skin was crawling and the only way I could help myself was my husband to put me in the bath, I could,nt sleep I was over heating, could,nt get my tempeture down, my heart beat was constantly 200/250 BPM, my eyes where painful and starting to pop right out of their sockets I was seeing things that were not there, I had terriable nose bleeds, doctors where send for every night for about a week, in the early hours, I took a tremour, in one side of my body, I seen large 6 " spiders, that were,nt, their, I had a secne, of danger, that something was going to happen to me, I was taking to my dad, who I could see, even though he was dead over 11 yrs before, I could,nt stand people talking or smells I would throw up, I thought I was going mental. Which in a way I was, because I had taken Graves decease , a very overactive thyroid, by this time my eye,s were covered as if they where bleeding, I had to go to hospital and get them bandaged up,, my blood pressure was 210/190, and going up, so I was put on a heart spray, incase I took a heart attack, all this could of been dealt with, if doctors took me serious, I felt let down, I was also told I had fibromyalgia, in 1996, and Graves decease, in 1996, I can,t go out, I can,t cope with the struggle of walking it,s painful and exhausting , I have CFS, as well, 18 of my best years of life robbed from me, because I was and looked to young to be sick, I had to get my gallbladder out last year, and my heart stopped on the table, they had to work with me for 25 mins, my throat was damaged, because they had to fight for me to come right again, but if had to stay on a drip for a week, because I could,nt swallow , that was awful, my oxygen levels where low for 3 days, and electro ids low, and Vit. D, was very low too, I just want to know has anybody else , suffered thyroid, endometriosis , CFS, IBS , gallbladder and had a radical hysterectomy , brain fog, and fibromyalgia all at the same time, have you been giving Zoladex injections to cure or help with endometriosis , and what help you received from your doctor,

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