Fibro connected to Lyme disease!!!

I have just read an article in July's Prima. I quote:"Lyme disease caught from tick bites in countryside...........................It can cause chronic health problems, such as fibromyalgia, which comes on years after the initial infection, so it(LD) must be taken seriously.

This is the first time I have ever seen any mention of fibromyalgia in any publication, let alone as a result of something else. I have seen several things on the web sites, head trauma being another theory for the start of FM. Anyone else seen this any where.

Beat wishes Sue.

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  • Hi Sue I read about this connection early last year. I asked my GP for blood test, it was negative.

    Jax xx

  • I urge you to go to a Lyme specialist, and have them do the blood test. They will send the sample to a lab that specializes in vector borne diseases. GPs don't know anything about Lyme.

  • Didn't even know they could do a blood test. I would think you would remember if you had become ill after being bitten by something, so don't think I have any connection to this line of thinking. It was just interesting that Fibro was even mentioned.Be so good to get a definate connection to something!!! Sue x

  • I don.t believe Im reading this....I had a tick buried in me about 1-2 years before I started with Fibromyalgia. I knew it could cause Lyme disease . I think Im gonna read up a bit n then go n see my doctor.

  • So did you go and see your Dr ?

  • A GP will not know what to do. I had a specific test called a CD57. I was told by the head rheumatologist of a major hospital that this was a specific marker for Lyme, but they couldn't help me. I checked with a lab in California that had run a test two years ago, and asked them to send the results to my current doctor. It was positive for Lyme. The doctor that ran the test was very evasive about the results, so I assumed it was negative. Unless you have a doctor and lab that knows how to test for Lyme, you are not going to get the proper treatment.

  • are you getting the proper treatment now ? Lyme disease seems to be brushed under the carpet. Fibro or Lyme ?? they both share the same symptoms. Difficult to get a diagnosis.

  • Hi Sue,I read about this after realising Lymmes was the same as tick bite fever,which I had in South Africa.

    When I see my rheumy in July I will mention this,as it was something that back in the 70`s wasn`t treated in anyway.

    I know that if not treated it can go on to cause arthritis and other health problems.

    But I do feel the more I read about fibfo,they are clucthing a straws with what they feel causes it.

    Love and hugs Butterfly xxxxxx

  • I asked for a blood test... it came back negative I was then diagnosed with fibromyalgia ! google eurolyme it's a self help group which you may want to check out. Lyme Disease is brushed under the carpet

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