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Free advice makes society better. It’s really important that people like Citizens Advice are able to continue to offer free advice, through a range of channels, so it’s available to everyone who needs it

Help us highlight the value of the Citizens Advice service and by signing this pledge.

For 75 years, the Citizens Advice service has provided free, confidential advice and influenced decision makers to make a lasting difference for our clients.

We need your support for our work to continue.

Thank you for pledging your support for Advice for the future! (CAB)

Does anyone know if there has been talk of withdrawing funding? If so, has anyone seen the link online about it? I cannot believe it if so after taking Legal Aid away in intents & purposes

Any thoughts

Emma :)

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    Not heard anything on the news about loss of funding though?


    Ken x

  • Done and shared.

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    Hope they are not losing funding they are a vital service.


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    Thank you mdaisy for bring it to our attention

    The Cab like this site are essential for to many reason to write

    But thank you one and all who have and are constantly helping and caring and encouraging etc etc your all brilliant

    and a v special shout out to an amazing wonderful kind and caring person mitzi blue xx

    All my love to you all Squeak xx

  • Done and dusted :)

    Thank you for posting this M :)

    They have helped me umpteen times in the last 15 years or so.

    xxx sian :)

  • all done x

  • Done and shared on Facebook and twitter.

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  • All done :)

  • Unfortunately the CAB are suffering massive cut backs in funding

    At the bureau I worked at a few years ago, we opened four days a week for drop in appointment s the other was by appointment only

    The bureau also offered representation @ court and tribunals

    Now the same bureau only opens 2 days a week No representation at all

  • Cynical me wonders if cutting funding helps force through welfare reform by reducing the ability to appeal decisions.

  • I have signed the pledge. They helped support me when my daughter failed her ESA after being awarded 0 points. CAB supported us and we were granted 27 points when we appealed and went to court. Their support is vital.

  • I didn't know they were under threat again. I used to be an adviser for a charity for the elderly and for many years had close links with the CAB and other advisory bodies in our area and we used to try to work together to give the people of our town the best advice we could by making referrals between our orgainsations. I know that during this time our local CAB went through alot of changes and cut backs and they relied more and more on unpaid but well trained volunteers and few than paid staff. The pressure of constantly retraining and the sheer volumn of callers and the subjects they had to cover took a toll on alot of the volunteers. Many I knew either gave it up or transferred to other organisations who had more specialised but less diverse needs. There are so many changes in benefits and legislation it is a constant expensive battle for them to keep up to date with the information they offer. I know they often used to divert the elderly straight to us as they just hadn't got the staff to cope as of course we have more elderly in our population now.

    So many voluntary advice organisations have closed themselves through lack of funding and I know our local council had to close its' Benefit Advice office because they were having to fund it themselves as there was no government funding and in the end they just did not have any money to spend on it. All this of course has put extra pressure on the CAB.

    I know that the Princess Royal has been Patron for a good many years and has visited many of the CAB's in our area. It would be terrible if they had to close or curtain their services any more than they have already had to do.

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  • Can't believe funding is being cut. Apologies if the political content of the following offends anyone.

    This Government disbanded Office of Fair Trading (only government agency which tried to rein in the worst excesses of the banks) and asked CAB to take on OFT's consumer protection role. And now this! As a group heavily reliant on both the NHS and benefits system, we must fear the possibility that the current Government may stay in power next year.

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  • The c a b are FANTASTIC. every so often anyone can pop in to make a gift donation, I intend to, regularly,if unable to get out, can send via a friend or family member 😊.

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