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esa tribunal (3)

I went for my esa tribunal today(Friday) there was a doctor and a judge.The judges attitude was patronising and he insinuated as you were already in the wrag group what more do you want.They said they will write to me with a decision.I don't think I succeeded in getting moved to the support group as he said basically that I am saying that I couldn't attend a work focus interview every 6 months.Surely I f I had succeeded today they would have told me the outcome there and then.I will post more when the next dreaded brown envelope arrives but id like to thank everyone for their support here- scott

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Hi Scott really sorry to here your so stressed. I know how unsure it can leave one on this kinda thing. I was offered to know the outcome of the trial when I last attended but that was for dla and the tribunal that I attended for esa was different they didn't. Hope you went with some support who understands the points system. Hoping you have a chilled evening with a nice drink of your choice and may be something nice to eat. Regards Liz xx


Hi scottspeirs

I will keep my fingers crossed for you, and all the best of luck!

All my hopes and dreams for you



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