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Just a quick moan as my pain is really getting to me. So so sick of hurting all the time just a few minutes without it would be so wonderful. I've worked a few days in a row and I know thats made it worse, I have two days off mon and tues but I know I'll spend most of it in bed trying to recover, just in time to go back to work again! I know Im lucky to still be able to work but sometimes it just feels thats all I do because Im too tired and in too much pain after to do anything else. Hoping I'l feel a bit better tomorrow, hate being such a moaning old c*w

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You are not moaning just fed up with it. We need to vent sometimes. I feel like I have been kicked by a donkey today, and my fingers hurt like mad. The weather does not help.


hiya chick, you aint moaning, your just sharing how you feel. i know how you feel. i work fulltime as a social worker and commute around 60 miles a day. sometimes i find myself working late in to the evening also.

saturdays and sundays are spent in bed or on the sofa.... sleeping or fighting sleep. it pisses my family off at times because they cant make plans to do things.

Fibro is horrible, your a tough nut and you will pick yourself up and carry on...... just promise that u will let us know when your having a bad one so we can send you a hug.x

I feel that all I do as well,sometime its good just to type out yr feelings you go for it.

If you can work try and stay with it because you see the days you have off well if you stop work you will be doing the same as them days (hope you understand that lol).

I sit and thing ummmm what dosent hurt,if I haven't burnt my tongue the that's the only thing that is ok phew at least I can moan and talk that's a bonus.

All joke to one side im sick to death of pain and if I was not on my antidepressant I don't think I would be here.

Please moan. Apart from making you feel better it also makes me feel less moany! I have found another forum, but they are in the USA so we cannot really connect as we have different laws etc. However, moaning to them eased my need so speaking to others was free from the moans they didn't want to hear. After all they are my work colleagues not friends, so why should they want to? They don't have FM but have their own problems they choose not to air and don't understand the illness they cannot see. Now things are a little better at work on this level at least and things are more friendly because I don't let them in so much. That sounds odd, but I mean they are more willing to talk. We discuss programmes and lessons and nothing else. This forum is great for venting, we all need to, and we need to do it to people who understand. It is a relief, it makes me feel as if I am not making it all up and the advice too about things here is great, even if not useful, it is meant with the kindest of intentions. The helpful things are fantastic as they give you a chance to deal with things without floundering about. So come back. Vent - you are not moaning - you are releasing tension, and talk too. We will hear you. Soft hugs. =)

I work 4 days a week and everyone keeps me going about my long weekend off. I have tried to explain to isn't time off to enjoy doing things. Its time to recover so i can go back to work on Mon. Nobody seems to understand or mybe they don't want to.

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I get the same, they dont realise how lucky they are. xx

Thanks everybody, its so much better to be able to put my feelings on here for people who understand rather than feeling Im boring the pants of my family and friends. Gentle hugs. xx

It is so good for all of us to moan away here. We know and understand that it is not moaning, just expressing feelings to those who understand. It, like our laughing at ourselves is so good for us.

I had to attend a funeral yesterday real early and it was so cold outside.

My muscles locked as soon as we got out of the car. Had shooting pains throughout the service searing up my spine and sciatica down right thigh.

Spent rest of the day and night like a zombie on my bed unable to do anything. Family think I'm lazy now because a few came to visit in the afternoon and I could not walk.

What a great relief to be able to say it here and know you all understand.

Still glad I went to support my friend in her loss. She was worth it.

There is always tomorrow :)

If you can't moan here where can you? You do have to restrict what you say to your family and friends however if you want to keep them, sad but true.

Hi Twiglet

I sympathise completely. I feel exactly the same at the moment.

I am soo tired and sore all the time, I feel as if i'v been kicked all night long

when i get up in the morning. Getting me down and I know i look awful which

doesn't help!!

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