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Funny not so funny!!

Morning all hope you are all as well as can be expected and feeling positive. I had about and hour and a half sleep last night in total. I'm full of cold so last night decided to take a decongestant tablet and this is where the funny not so funny comes in. It didn't cross my mind to check whether it might interact with my gabapantin - oops it did I had a lovely clear nose and could breath but had the most horrific nightmares everytime I fell asleep, eventually got up at about 4 because I was freaked out enough by then. Won't be doing that again. Having to come off Gabapantin anyway due to other adverse effects so note to body please let me have a cold then so that I can I can use suitable meds otherwise keep away.

Have a fabulous Friday and weekend all and keep kicking FMs butt. :) <3

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Glad you are still managing to be positive and smile!

Exercise daily yes smile at least ten times an hour.




Hi schalkies1968

I am so sorry to read that you had such horrid nightmares, and genuinely hope that you can get some relaxing and refreshing sleep tonight? This really is the issue with medication as quite often we cannot do right from wrong? I sincerely hope that your next medications are more appropriate for you!

Take care

Ken x

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