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So much for the lovely summer with the grandchildren, my body had pay back big time yesterday. First day out for weeks without a child or someone with me my legs go from under me and I am now bruised battered and scrapped. I went to the garden centre, got out of the car, got as far as the door and over I went, I am 6ft so a long way down. Everyone was very kind, helping me up, giving me a cup of tea etc. I am very shaken, I don't go out on my own often because my legs can suddenly go without warning, I deep having a go because as the doctor says I need to keep walking to keep my legs going, but it does shatter your confidence when you fall, I have lost count now of how many times, its not usually in such a public place. Been up all night not able to sleep due to pain, I think its the jolt rather than injuries that sets of the Fibro pain. I will stay in for a couple of days now then try again. Gentle Hugs!

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Hi Sophie. . Have the drs Actually found out what is making you fall? I read your post and thought-that's me! I have had several falls and no warning before. I have lost confidence when outside because of this. I use a rollator outdoors because of this.

I fell a week ago and am some lovely shades of yellow and purple. I was on holidays with my husband and on the bus to the airport. When it stopped, he got off to get the luggage and I started to get up( we were in the front seat behind the driver) but I felt myself falling-don't know if I misjudged the step or slipped or what, just had the sensation of falling and fell between the seat as cross the aisle and the back of the drivers seat, hitting every thing that came between me and the floor.

My ankle started swelling immediately and I couldn't walk on it but I wanted to get on the plane so didn't make a fuss. The flight was 5 hours so I was immobile for most of that time, which the GP said next day was the worst thing for my back.

I am struggling to cope with the pain and bruising from the fall. The dr said I could take tramadol on the top of my pain patches and also gave me paracetamol. But walking is a problem -even more than usual and pain is spreading up my left side where most of the heavy bruising was, so that I can't lie on that side in bed any more.

It's the why aspect that worries me the most. Why do we keep falling when there doesn't seem to be any reason? do you feel you are fobbed off when you ask about it? Or do you feel like me that you are treated sometimes as making a mountain out of a molehill?

On my last DLA appeal, they commented that there was no record on my medical reports about the falls I claimed I had, so I have started to go to the doctor every time and take a photo of the bruises for my own record. I don't know if it will make a difference but at least it should be on record.

Do you use any support when you go out? I have now started to use a mobility scooter to let me get out and about without fear of falling and it has given me back some independence. I know they say to keep walking as long as possible to keep the legs working but I try to walk when I have someone with me or if it is a really level surface and I feel it should be safe enough. Falling in a public place is so embarrassing so I understand your distress. My worst was falling when crossing a road, which was dangerous as well as embarrassing.

Take care and gentle hugs for you. Don't let it keep you confined to the house as that brings so many problems with it too! xoxox


Sorry to hear about your fall Sophie. Perhaps it is time to play safe with a Rollator? I have one and also a scooter for further afield or if I am in too much pain.

I have Osteoporosis and also got a lot of metalwork in my back. That means I cannot afford to have a fall.

At least with the Rollator I am still moving which in turn is necessary for the Osteoporosis.

When you are between the devil and the deep blue sea like we are, we have to grab at any lifeline!

Hope you soon recover and are able to get out again.

Gentle hugs xxx

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So sorry Sophie to hear about your fall hope that the flare it has brought on will soon get better. You are very brave to keep on trying to go out on your own. It is terrible when your legs just go from under you it is such a shock to the system. get better soonx


Hi sophie22

I am so sorry to read that you have had another fall, and I genuinely hope that you have not hurt yourself too much? I can easily imagine that the more you fall the more your confidence falls also?

I want to wish you all the best of luck with finding the answers to this, and please take care.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hi Sophie22 I also have had lovely days out over the summer holidays with my grandchilden. And i truly understand what it is like I also have falls But only being 4ft 9inc dont have to fall that far LOL.and that dose stop me going out on my own embarrising is the word . I use my gransons buggie for support but as he starts nursery this week i will be lost . I understand the doctores saying keep walking but for me wether its a shopping trip or day out knocks me for ten and takes time to get over it .I hope you recover soon .xx


I hope your next outing is not so bad and you manage to stay on your feet :) my family laugh at me as I have turned into the clumsiest of people when I never was before, I trip on imaginary bumps in the ground but you have to keep going regardless :)

Gentle hugs for the scrapes and bruises :)


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