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Hi everyone

I went for an examination from a rheumatologist regarding my fibro , as He needs to do a report regarding my accident , he said he was testing for tender points and pressed my forehead , I told him this didn't hurt , but I'm confused is your forehead one of the tender points or do you think he was trying to trick me , I've read around and can't find any evidence to show it is ???

Thanks Michelle

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  • You can google fibro tender points for a diagram of where the 18 are. There are 2 on the forehead

  • The doctor presses the 2 points at the bottom of the back of your head and if you have pain there it is often also felt in the forehead. That's what my GP told me

  • Thanks for your reply appreciate it

  • Hi Chirnie

    I hope that you are well today? I have pasted you a link below to a slide show that highlights where the tender points are, so I hope that you find this useful:


    I have also pasted you a link to the FibroAction write up relating to tender points, so again, I hope that you find this useful also:


    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Ah thanks that's a great help appreciate it x

  • he was being an idiot! I wdn't go back to him nope!

  • He was deliberately being a jerk. best wishes in not meeting anymore like him.

  • You don't have to have all of them according to my rhreumy to be diagnosed.

  • Thanks that what I thought x

  • When I had my pressure points tested for Fibro the forehead was not one of them.

  • Thanks Hun x

  • I think that in order to test, the doctors use some pressure points that aren't tender points to see which ones you react to - I don't think that is tricking anyone, but just trying to get a diagnosis. But the latest version of diagnosing fibromyalgia doesn't involve tender points, which is not completely accurate, instead it relates to what you say about your pain. Some people have signs of fibro with few tender points, which in Seattle they call Chronic Widespread Pain.

  • Thanks for your reply x

  • Sweetheart, I've been tested and my doctor never touched my forehead. I think they press at many points to see if someone is faking it.... why they'd want to is beyond me??? Hope this helps. Hang in there!!! xxx Mitzi

  • Mitzi

    Thanks Hun , I totally agree goodness knows why they would think anyone would want to fake having fibro!!!! Thanks for your reply x

  • Back to jjudith's post about the new methods, SS and WPI:

    I have looked at 2 discussions of this format for diagnosing FM. I'm sure not on the medical board that developed it, but it seems to me that the TPT should not be discarded.

    Asking all of us to be good historians about our illness or multiple illnesses can be tough, especially when one of these is fibro fog, so maybe at any given time, we don't get it right! A good diagnosing doc would have to scrupously sift through all our medical records to determine other causative disease. How many docs have this kind of time and attention to give each one of us?

    This combined with the TPT would seem IMHO to give a more complete and fair picture. Are they saying that the TPT and diagnoses have been wrong all these years? And what if your symptoms change from week to week? You are being asked to designate what has been a problem only the past one or two weeks.

    I do think it's a good idea to add more criteria which adds more legitimacy but I still think the TPT is too valuable to discard. But maybe I am just a sentimentalist and too traditional, but I'm just not convinced. I wish they had asked our input!

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