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Trigger points


I’m relatively new to this Fibro thing and still trying to adapt. Could someone tell me if it’s the norm to have a really bad day, very painful, unable to lift arms and pain in legs, but trigger points not flaring. And then other days, the pain is manageable but the trigger points are very sore. Hope one of you lovely people can help me with this query, thank you

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Yes. It is normal. My elbow trigger points are a law unto themselves. They prefer to be warm. They have to have their own thermal coverings even in this weather!

Yes it is the norm. Fibro is very unpredictable and I personally can never plan as if it flares up bad it completely floors me. Other times it is bearable.


You was having a fibro fateage attack that’s normal but horrible and you also get what we call fibro fog too .

Yes this is very true with fibro unfortunately sometimes it feels someone has put weights on your legs and arms and your trying to walk. Then the trigger points are awful some people say heat makes it better and cold makes it worse. Then it can be the next day and few days after you think you’ve done something normal whatever that may be. If I try to go for a swim with lately has been not at all I confess due to the flare ups it’s almost

Just getting changed is too much then days to recover. But you will learn in time to manage or as we try to deal with it. You will have better and bad days but please chat to one of us your not alone for some reason like you my legs arms neck and now wrists are awful. I’m struggling to drive due to any vibrations I have asked a physio about splits but she said sometimes there ok but it can actually make it worse as you tend to stay in a position if you don’t feel the pain but it makes it so much worse in the end. I hope this helps. And please message one of us anytime xxx


Yes, just as you think you've had a couple of fairly good days fibro decides it has to star centre stage and leaps in with pain and fatigue.

Rest, rest and rest.

Painkillers, heat and anything that helps relaxation.

Hello there luv yes it is common to hv really bad days and feel abit better the nx fibro affects all the joints in yr body and muscles iv had it now for over five years it's getting worst for me now some times it can affect yr stomach head to duc I now hv to walk with a stick if I go out iv got a lite weight wheel chair which I hate using cs I was the life and soul of the party years ago r u on any meds yet to try help you I still hvnt found the rite ones yet but it keep going hey. Take care of yr self duc glor x

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