Coccyx Pain

These past few days maybe near on a week I have been experiencing excruciating pain in my coccyx bone. When sitting or even lying. It actually makes me fly off the point I am sitting/lying. Is this a degenerative thing of FM? I have noticed it's going up into my spine a little too. I know everyone is different but I don't know what to expect of FM if you deteriorate or get better?

Many Thanks Sarah

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  • Hi Sarah Ann, I have had this problem for over a year, it is excrutiating, I find the hardest thing is trying to stand from a hard chair. I was told by the physio it is becsuse the muscles in my backside have almost dissapeared, i have no padding to my bum. I have just bought an exercise ball and do the exercises given to me at hospital on it. It is wonderful to sit on as well as it does not hurt like a chair. I have also been given anaesthetic plasters by the doctor to try out. They are called lidocaine plasters. Good luck,

  • Sorry to read about your pain Sarah. When you are in bed try lying with a pillow either underneath your knees if you lie on your back or between your knees if you lie on your side as this might help. Shazzy advice is good, I use the Lidocaine plasters for the neuropathic shooting and burning pains in my back and they certainly seem to help. Some people find those donut sort of cushions help or ones where there is a hole where the coccyx is. Fibro is a strange beast and has its' ups and downs and can get worse if you overdo things or are very tired or stressed. Everyone is so different it is just getting the right treatment for you to make life more bearable. Hope you can find something soon that will helpx.

  • Hi,you have written exactly what i was going to mention coccyx bone has been really hurting these last few weeks( i have also got degenertive disc desiese) i am going to mention it to my doctor but my app isnt until 5 th sept but i will let you know what she says... I totally sympathise..very painful...i dont think its to do with my fibro but you never know iv had all sorts of problems these last few years that theve put down to the fibro!!! sending best wishes n hugs xxxx

  • I have problems with mine and have one of those coccyx cushions.

  • Thank you for your responses. I feel daft it doesn't matter what position I'm in it still seems to bit me in the bum this pain. I can get so the pain has subsided then I move and it's there again.... Ouch!!! I don't think I could sit on an exercise ball. I can get pain with out anything touching it sometimes. I might look into one of those cushions though. Thank you

  • Hi I have a 2 year history of coccyx pain, I have steroid injections into mine which take the pain away for months its bliss! My first one lasted 6 months and I had my second one 5 months ago hoping it lasts longer this time.My hubby has cut a piece out of a dining chair so my coccyx sort of floats! X

  • Hi SarahAnn86

    I am so sorry to read that you are experiencing such chronic pain due to your coccyx and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve. I have chronic coccyx pain due to the fact that my coccyx has withered away. Mine is not a Fibro issue, it is an osteoporosis problem that I have recently been diagnosed with.

    So I genuinely understand how horrid this must feel for you as it is such a sensitive area of the body. I want to wish you all the best of luck with finding some resolution and relief to this issue. Please keep your GP up to date with how you are getting on with this problem, so they are aware of it and what effect it is having on your life. As this may make it easier for you to ascertain any medication for helping relieve the pain?

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • I have exact same thing, and its been diagnosed as "Degenerative Disc Disease". I also have spinal stenosis, but its not crippling me at this point because I've been exercising on The Total Gym for 2 1/2 yrs. this has only been to gain endurance since fibro saps so much of our life. Yes, my dear friend, I'm sorry to tell you the truth, but the truth is, mine isn't going to get better. my Coccyx is B A D and I'm in misery sometimes horribly. I get pain medication but their new policy is to cut people down to a certain level. After having fibro since 1991, I can't imagine life without pain meds. God willing Jehovah will make sure I keep getting pain medicine, He hasn't failed me yet. But your butt bone pain my dear is something they need to treat you well on. Have strength Sarah, have endurance. Don't know how long you've struggled but I felt I should drop you a line at this my late night. Feel free to drop a note. Truly yours, Colleen

  • Hi there im only saying this cause some years ago I had this but I must stress this doesn't mean this is you but I had consistent pain in my coccyx and was later diagnosed with a lower lumber condition that caused my feet to flatten through nerve damage. They have gone to a size eleven from a size nine, and I might add painfully too. Well what im trying to say you may have bruised it or something but you have the rest of your life so if you can prevent it then its best to get things checked out. If I might suggest tell the doctor your problem but please emphasize on the regular pain that is caused and any little details no matter how silly. I don't want to overly concern you but if id maybe noticed things in the beginning then maybe I could have prevented this condition worsening. My physio said that my condition is normally fixable in about three months but alas my damage was there for a long time unnoticed. Any ways hoping your day is best it can be Liz fibro friend. :)

  • Hi SarahAnn

    I also have this! Luckily I don't get it lying down though. Does it happen instantly as you sit/lie or just when you stand up?

    My physio gave me some movements to do whilst sitting which delays the onset of the pain. Basically small rocking movements. You would need to try and see, sounds like your pain is severe so this might not be of any hell but thought I would mention it. Perhaps a physio could be worth a try whilst you wait for doctors appointment? X

  • Not much help I'm afraid but thank you for sharing this. I have chronic coccyx pain, but had put it down to an accident I'd had many years ago when I cracked my coccyx. Because of your post I now know to get this checked out. This all goes to prove how helpful this site can be. I hope you get this sorted out and thanks again. X.

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