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Can you claim help with Fibromyalgia?


I was just wondering if there is any help you can claim through having Fibromyalgia? Is it known as a disability? I hate to want to claim but I'm struggling with a few things at the moment and if I could get help that would be great!

Thanks Sarah (",)

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hi there SarahAnn

I don't know if fibromyalgia itself is classed as a disability .do/have you claim(ed)DLA(now PIP)?based on your inability to do stuff-looking after yourself around the house,getting about etc.are you working or on ESA? I don't know the rules fro claiming PIP as have been on DLA for years .how long have you had Fibro?

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I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia for about a month maybe a bit longer. I do work but I am finding it hard to do the hours I use to do. And on that wage it doesn't cover the cost of things. I don't know what PIP is. I want to carry on working as long as I can.

Many thanks


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Hi sorry to hear you have been struggling to try and keep working. I went through the exact same thing. I had symptons since 2004, and was not diagnosed until the autumn of 2006. I carried on working until 2009, when I just could not carry on working any more. Eventually I got ill health retirement (from the civil service). It was very difficult to carry on working, and I became very tired and ill. So I do sympathise with you. It's a big decision to give up work, and you might not be ready to stop working just yet. But maybe don't wait as long as I did before I stopped working!! I don't know whether I did myself any damage trying to carry on for so long. A good gp helped me alot, as did deep tissue massage and some accupuncture.

I wish you all the best and feel free to message me if you would like any advice about working with fibromyalgia.

Lots of love xxx

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Its hard to work i am a housewife and take caere of my mother in low had Fm since 2013 and its veryhard to do the work try to claim ppi but the said i am fit to work and doctors said the same

Hiya Sarah, how did you get on with PIP? Do you claim it now?

Morning Sarah Anne,

Sorry to hear you hae fibro but welcome to a brilliant site for friendlyness and answers!

Every one you chat with is a fellow fibromite and we all cultivate different ways of coping with it.

Your question the answer is Yes you can clam P.I.P. Persona independant payment this is the new benefit designed for people who need assistance in their every day lives. It is not txable and paid monthly. Ok so how do you get it.

Look up PIP on your computer or at and find their phone no. Ring they will ask a couple of questions so be ready It think it NI number Name address of your Doctor of course your own details, Do you have any letters from say a specialist rheumatologist. All evidence is usefull.

so that is your starter good luck and if I can help just ask :)

iF YOU ARE ABOUT NOW 6.30AM pop into the chat post and say Hi


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Hi Im 63 got fybromalagia and osteoporosis of hip and spine I work and claim working tax credit have just applied for Pip don't know if I will get it

hi its very difficult to get pip just for Fibromyalgia I have 3 other illnesses to go with fibro and I only got low mobility and low care which I think is well wrong but I aint gonna rock the boat as to speak. but if you have fibro you really should put in for it as the dwp would realise that theres more people got it than they think and they in time may take it a real serious illness. nige


Hello Sarahann86,

You've had lots of good replies and I thought I'd add to this with some useful links.

Can I provide you with the following link to a post from a couple of years ago which may be of interest;

Are you struggling at work? Do you know your rights & have you spoken with your employer about reasonable adjustments to help you do your work? Please see this information about work & Fibro which may help;

There is a great with many free factsheets called Disability Rights UK & here's the PIP one below;

If you'd like to email us using we can provide more information about your rights at work & also a step by step guide to PIP.

I look forward to hearing from you

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

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Hi could you please email me the step by step guid on applying for PIP for fibromyalgia please. My email is

hiya could you please email me the step by step guide for pip for fibro thanks very much I think this would really help thanks

thanks Fiona

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Are you returned or is this post from times long ago?

To Daisy

Hi Sarah

When I was working I had to cut my hours because I could not manage Full time I went down to 16 hours a week and claimed Tax Credit so this might be worth looking into. I have had to give up work now and in the process of claiming ESA.

Try claiming PIP (DLA) and look into Tax Credit.

Good Luck


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Hi Sarah I done the same as you by cutting hours but then got worse and had to leave, where did you get information on ESA and how do you apply Kind Regards Donna

Hi when you get your form, get C A B to help with filling it in ,they have a way of wording it,that helps and remember, its not about what you can do on a good day its about what you cant do on a bad day ,the first time i had a form i did it myself ,and if you cut your hours and have fibro its is a disability and you get a higher rate of working tax credit ,i didnt know any of this and worked my self into the ground and have just been let go due to ill health. Good luck remember to be kind to yourself as my gp tells me if you dont why should anybody else , chris x

I live in the States and had to take disability in 2003 as I had worked for years with the pain and symptoms but just couldn't do it anymore. I wasn't yet diagnosed but know others who have gotten their disability having fibro. Hope this helps, and you get the help you need sweetheart!!! xxx Mitzi

hi there sarahann86

i would like to welcome you to the site .

Yes u can claim, do not feel you are cheating the system, claim what is right yours ,u are entitle to it,and is yours.

Hi Sarah,

Are you in the UK? If so benefits like PIP (some areas still DLA I think) applications are looked at in terms of what you can and can't do as opposed to what condition named.

There are lots of websites that can give you info that may be informative than I can be.

Hope that helps xx

Yes I live in the UK. I've see. They question you on what you can and can't do. But I push myself to work my none work days I'm shattered spend most of itinerary bed resting taking regular pain relief every amongst my other medications.

Thanks Sarah

Fab peeps on here with loads of help

Hi again,

You should be able to google to find the application form which would give you better idea of what the questions/criteria is.

I know what you mean about pushing yourself to work, it's a vicious circle and likely pushing yourself is making things worse.

I'd say have a little read and go from there.

Feel free to message anytime but I'm not sure if direct messages are pos. on here..... anyone help there?


As with any of the disability benefits it's not the condition you have but the way that it affects you that matters although I suppose having a diagnosis helps as it gives the assessors a starting point.

The lowest care rate for PIP is Standard Rate which is the equivalent of, and paid at the same rate as, Middle Rate Care of DLA. The Standard Rate for Mobility is paid at the equivalent of Low Rate Mobility of DLA although if the distance you're able walk is between 20-50 metres you should receive enough points to receive a Blue Badge but won't qualify for a Motability car.

The Benefits and Work website do a self test for PIP to give you an idea if it's worth your while applying:

hey, I don't know if anyone still reads this but I've juts been diagnosed with fibromyalgia I have it in my toes, ankles, fingers, wrists, knees and shoulders I left work last year due to have 3 young children and couldn't afford the childcare costs aswel as travel to work I would of been - the amount I earn. now I'm worried I wont be able to get a job I work in retail and have no qualifications so I'm pretty limited as to what I can do but again with the kids I cant be flexible, but to me this illness looks like too much of a risk for anyone to give me a job and the job centre says I can get no help at all I have no income atm, other than tax credits and child benefit has anyone else had the same problem and managed to get help ? I'm at a dead end atm and its all making me very down .

Thank you for reading :)

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