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Gallbladder operation

Hi all thanks every for your kind messages today. Yes i am back sooner than expected as operation was cancelled at 1,30 today been their since 8am this morning given blood thinning injection and was 1st to go down got myself in a right state then told it has to be cancelled. Give the consultant and theater staff was all dressed ready. But anaesthetist had been called for a emergency operation some were. Then the consultant came again and said he had arranged for another one who would be there in half an hour and at 1.15 he came again to say that the other anaesthetist had to do a emergency so all op,s had to be cancelled and will call us on Monday to set another ,date. But no matter what it was not their fault as they are their to save lives so emergency,s come first, But must say one thing some people i don, t think like that and storm out and rude to the staff.Well going to have some shut eye as not hat much this week xxxx

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So sorry to hear that your operation was cancelled so near to having it done. I once had a operation cancelled three times the day before because of shortage of beds and it is very nerve racking but as you say the emergencies come first. I am rather like you and try to think to myself that could be me needing the emergency operation so i was just glad each time that it was just a routine operation I was missing. It actually did me a favour as I would have to have missed my brother in laws wedding if it had not been cancelled the second time. Hope you now can get some shut eye and fingers crossed that they will call for you soonx


Hi fibro10

I am so sorry to read that you operation was cancelled and I genuinely hope that you do not have to wait too long for a reschedule.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hello Fibro10, the question needs to be aksed? only 2 anaesthetists in the hospital? mmmm, memo to hr, recruit more anaesthetists, so as to stop cancelling operations at the very last minute. Not nice when you have gotten yourself allready and set up for the operation, you have my deepest sympathies for this major delay to you, ttfn


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