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I don't know if anyone can advise. DWP currently deduct my electricity payments at source. I have no arrears left and I'm trying to change supplier, which means I should have the full income support payment sent to my a/c. I spoke to the current supplier who said I should contact DWP. DWP said speak to energy supplier. I'm getting dizzy! Any suggestions? Tulip

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I think a visit to the CAB may be able to help you, quite frankly they seem to have more information on things the organisation in question seems to have at their disposal :o

I really hope you manage to get this sorted out soon :-)

Foggy x


Thanks doggie, (predictive text is driving me insane and could get me into trouble if I didn't keep an eye on it) sorry try again Foggie. Didn't think of that. Tulip xx


Hi tulips123

I am with Foggy on this one! A trip to the CAB would probably be the best bet? They should know what to do? I want to wish you all the best of luck with getting this sorted and finding a new supplier.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


If you are no longer in arrears then you should be able to change supplier as if you are just like most out there. If the DWP are paying all your bill then you will need the method of payment from the DWP. If they have been paying a set amount to clear your arrears then you should be able to pay the new supplier by DD (The cheapest option).

The only thing is you do not mention if you are on Universal Credit? If so then the DWP are not getting involved with payments and it will all be down to you. There is another group of people moving over to UC very soon so may be worth asking if or when it will be for you? (They are well behind on the roll out)

A Good Tip when you change, is to mention that you have a disability as most suppliers will put you on there at risk list.

The advice to speak to your local CAB is very good advice and while you are there could sort some other issues/concerns you may have.

Good Luck and Be Well


OK I think I'm sorted. Finally got to talk to someone at dwp who knows about things. Energy company will automatically send a 'stop note' to DWP, I would much rather have things under my control, easier to go shopping for the best deal I can find, every penny counts!. I'm still claiming income support, SDA and DLA, housing and council tax. I've not yet been asked to reclaim, trying not to think about it until it comes. At least all my bills are up to date if it goes pear-shaped. My gp is the best, no choice but to go with the flow. I think Government dictates energy companies have the Priority Services Register, the last one did, customer services on the new company said to apply after we 'go live' so hopefully it shouldn't be an issue. Thank you very much for all the info. and advice. Tulip xx

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That's great news! I will keep my fingers crossed for you that you can get a cheaper deal?

Good luck Tulip

Ken x


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