Dwp again

I lost my dla last year now iv been sent a letter about fitness for work I'm getting worried now that atos will get it wrong again,I'm in hell I'm stressed with the chronic pains ,I now have pain in chest I was sent to hospital by my doc as he thought I was having a heart attack,but no they said it's my fibromyalgia,I have ibs ,high blood pressure,asthma,I'm on the at risk list at docs as I can come down with plurasy off I get flu ect,I carnt sleep,Crist what do I have to do to just b left alone,I'm in bits my wife an two young boys are so helpful I'm dreading the dwp,I need help ?

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  • I just hd my assessment this week from atos. my advice is get a copy of all your consultant letters,n a supporting letter from your doctor,also from ur other half.As they need to hear frm everyone who is involved in your life,to explain how ur illness affects your everyday life,n how it affects ur other half.. Also take your oh in with you when u c atos. And no point in telling you to relax as i couldn't until it was over. I'm now waiting on my outcome. hope this helped. n good luck!

  • Thanks last time I was there croyden,my wife was told to b quiet as he wanted to speak to me not her,

  • How rude. I hope you reported him.

  • I complained don't do any good though ,we're 2nd class citizens not atos ritch bonus range rover driving big house living cash no object doctors,had the same attitude at my dla tribunal,all none English people on pannel an aragent rude nasty made me an my wife feel like crap it's bad inuff the way fibromyalgia gets you never mind how they do ,any one going on one has my sympathy,

  • I know mate, its disgraceful. Alcoholics, drug addicts and foreigners get treated with more respect. Ive just been having a huge rant about the way im being treated by ESA atm. I wrote a lengthy complaint to our local job centre 3 months ago and they havent had the decency to even acknowledge that they'd received my letter. Rude, bloody rude. good luck in the future

  • If you haven't already got them, email info@fibroaction.org and we can send out the guides from Benefits & Work for free.

  • Thank you for information I will do that to day

  • Today I am lost for words and struggling to answer members even though I have been there myself, as have others. I think I am worded out. I wish you well with the DWP and tell it as if you are on your worst day xxxxx

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