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Skin Conditions

I am having a variety of different skin problems over the past year like, teenage acne, constant skin dryness, all over apart from face . Small itchy rash just on my back making my skin so dry it itches more than chicken pox, something that looks like ring worm but is not although it started in a ring with bumps surrounding it the ring has expanded the skin inside the ring has gone darker than my skin like greyish it sometimes itches but i dont know if that is just me getting hot and also i have the same thing in other places you cant catch it otherwise my hubby would have it the bumps have flattened somewhat. Has anyone else had this or something like this ??????

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Sometimes my Exzema gets out of control when I am really worn out a dermatologist can make rash decisions for you. Good luck finding some relief


My daughter had something like that this summer and it was eventually diagnosed as a fungal infection and treated with an antifungal cream. However expanding ring rashes can also be Lyme disease so see your Gp as soon as you can to rule this out. Hope you feel better soon.



Hi tasha2

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I do not really have too many skin issues but I wanted to wish you all the best of luck with finding some resolution and relief to your skin problems.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


I get little red spots and when I scratch them they are tiny blisters and take forever to heal. I also have dry skin. Mine turn sort of purple after healing for anywhere from months to a year. Hope this helps sweetheart!!! xxx Mitzi


Good morning to everybody we have the sun shining here in neath south wales anyway i am updating what is happening with my skin condition i seen a fantastic Dermatologist who wait for it told me within 5 mins what was going on with my skin and also he works with a rheumatologist with people that have fibro and was surprised to hear that i dont have a rhumatologist myself only had 1 in the very begginging who said yep you have fibro here is a leaflet bye very nice man NOT.anyway my problems are Granuloma Annulare. is the lookalike ringworm problem then i have Photodermatitis,Polymorphic light eruption and urticaria so at the moment that is all LOL he sent me for blood tests and going back next month to see him oh yes and also some antihistamines for day time and different ones for night plus some fantastic body cream that you can also use in the showeroh and next year before the sun turns up in spring i am having some light treatment so i hope this will all help because next week is ENT appointment amy questions please ask hope you all have a nice chilling day.


I had no idea skin problems were linked to FM. I've had a host of issues and couldn't figure it out. I thought it was due to PCOS but never made the connection to FM.

I have found sunshine and a dietary change helped. I only eat fruit, veg and boiled legumes with spices according to their health properties.

On my skin I've just started to use argan oil, which is quite miraculous.


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