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FibroFoggiest Crochet for beginners (me!) ...3

FibroFoggiest Crochet for beginners (me!) ...3

The better Bunny, this one made for what I shall cll my niece - is my husbands cousins first baby - and that is too complicated -so she is now my niece!

this one was trickier - I bodged it together from a couple of patterns but it came out OK.

Also I stuffed it with high quality stuffing, instead of newspaper ( as I did for the cats toys, as the kittens cannot choke on newspaper and was worried they might on the stuffing material - one just walked accross me typing with crochet mouse in mouth!)

The head is not as big as it looks in the photo - I am just really bad at taking photos.

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Oh My Word !! That is just so utterly wonderful, how have you managed to become so incredibly talented so easily ? I love your description of your "niece " - a great way round a tricky linkage :d :d

I hope little one loves this as much as it deserves to be loved.

I will try and post my last felting endeavour which was my "hobby" for last winter and which no doubt will keep me occupied again this year.

Well done oh clever and talented Mrs_Somerset :-)

Foggy x


I should have mentioned the most excellent cheat for this bunny - it is something called "self striping wool" - essentially the balls of wool contain several different colours at different lengths and as long as you start each part formt he same place ( bunny comes in 2 x legs, 2 x arms, 2 x ears, 1 x head 1 x body) you get the stripes without having to change wool - like i had to for the blanket, which then leaves all those nast threads to clear up. with self striping wool there is no need for that.

i still have not figured out how you can tell, when buying it, how big the stripes will be for any given project - I just happened to buy this because the balls of wool looked nice - and was so pleased with the results.

I have to buy everything online = as I am stuck at home, so do not get to ask advice or check the product before hand.


Absolutely wonderful, I just love those ears.x


Thank-you rosewine :-)

They are crocheted as per the first pattern I was using, then added the supersoft grey faux fur as per the second pattern I was using - as I remembered when my second son was born, I had a faux fur silver grey russian hat and never got to wear it - my son snaffled it for snuggling and I never got it back :-)

I thought a bit of the same fabric would work well so that the little one could snuggle up to it.


Yes they love anything soft and furry don't they, it gives the bunny a very realistic appearancex

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he! he! That is fantastic! I really like it, thank you for sharing this with us all.

Take care

Ken x


I love it ... Where did you get the prited ribbon please xxx


will PM you as I do not think you can post links to goods to buy in the forum :-)


Thank you


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