FibroFoggiest Crochet for beginners (me!)

FibroFoggiest Crochet for beginners (me!)

Hi Foggy,

please find below some pictures of what I have started out doing, and also of the blanket of doom that is driving me potty! :-)

number 1 - easy peasy cat toy - it is all about crocheting in the round - so a really long straight line crochet that just goes around and around.

I have made several of these for my kittens - they love them.

you could make bigger ones for dogs - just need to start off with a bigger chain circle:

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  • OK - just realised I can only add one piture - and onlyint he opening post will need to do more posts!

  • Wowski :-) thank you so so much, how delightful the mouse is and oh my word, how lovely is your blanket, if I could do even half of half (why didn't I just say a quarter lalalala) as well I would be really happy :d

    Thank you so so much for showing me them and it has given me inspiration for things to do during the coming (I hardly dare say it) "winter" :o :-)

    Foggy x

  • making ablanket is not as difficult as it sounds and a brill idea for winter - I think I will do just that - thank-you!

    As long as you stick to one colour, it will be easy peasy and you could do it whilst watching a film with family or listening to music - once you get into a rythm your hands jsut do it by themselves - well untill my brain wanders off and I get up with the wool wrapped around my knees wondering where it came from! LOL

  • Ah - I see the misunderstanding - the blanket int he pics with the mouse is not of my making ( I wish!!!) I think it came from the white company many years ago.

  • Goodness, it is but my foggy brain you see :o nevertheless I always think things are lovely which come from the white company :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hey that's really good! Thank you fro sharing this with us all.

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Well done, love the projects in your 5 posts.

    I haven't crocheted for about 20 yrs, but decided to teach my 7 yr old daughter how to yesterday - she picked it up really well - just making a sampler of the basic stitches - and loved it! It's so forgiving and easy to correct mistakes. Xxx

  • and you must be a Brilliant teacher - my granny showed me as a child and all I learnt was how to crocHet a straight line :-)

  • Haha. Thank you. It's nice to have something calm we can do together when I'm stuck in bed x

  • It's a fluffy :P :P :P

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