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Hello, need some motivation

Hi I have just joined this site and hope someone can help me get motivated.

I feel like I am in a vicious cycle. I exercise causes pain and fibromyalgia to flare up, I get depressed and eat, my cholesterol rises, my angina plays up and I start again.

I am on so many pills and desperately need to lose weight as have put about 3 stone on in a year and know I need to do something to lose it but the cycle stops me.

Home is not conducive with this goal so has anyone got any tips on how to get motivated and not give up.

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Hi Claire,

Welcome to the site. :)

I can definitely relate your situation to an extent and understand your frustration, I think it's something most of us fibromites have a problem with. I think the only way you can break from this cycle is By One Step At A Time.

A lot of people in this kind of situation have perfectionist tendencies (I do for one) and therefore try to do everything at once and dive straight into the deep end. This means we can't achieve our expectations, get overwhelmed, and tend to slip up straight away - and when this happens, we lose motivation, and give in. I know it's frustrating because you want to put all your plans into action straight away, but if you do this you WILL fail - and you'll never make any progress. Whereas if you build up slowly you're likely to break out of this negative cycle and start a positive cycle going, even though it might take a while to reach your goal.

Think about this way, a healthy eating and exercise plan that isn't perfect, is better than having not having one at all. So let go of the frustration - and know you're doing this appropriate way, because it's the Possible way. This is important to bare in mind especially with Fibro, we have to pace ourselves.

Start just by a slow walk, maybe just a few laps around the garden or park? Some people find listening to music is a good distraction and motivation technique. I would also recommend swimming, as you would be exercising all your muscles but floating in the water will reduce the pressure on them. There's something else we can do about the muscle pain, there is a supplement called Cherryactive, which you can get from Holland and Barrett, that are known to have a great benefit for muscle pain in people with Fibro, they reduce inflammation in muscles and heal them more quickly. They are expensive, but they do have them on offer sometimes and they are well worth it. I hope I am allowed to say this, I know there are rules about advertising on here but I've seen them, and other supplements, talked about on here before.

There's this imagery I think you should hold on which I once read somewhere: the journey to our goal is like an when aeroplanes leave a trail of cloud behind it, as it's making progress, the cloud line may have squiggles in it where it hasn't flied in a perfectly straight line - but it still reaches it's destination in the end. Don't be hard on yourself if you slip up, accept it and move on. :)

Good luck

wanderingwallflower xx

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Thanks Fay a new start is tomorrow new month new challenge. Little steps sounds good and will visit the health store. Thanks again it's nice to know I am not alone.


I find walking in the swimming pool is best as the water takes the weight off all my sore bits. I still find it very easy to overdo it but I am gradually able to do a bit more and hopefully the weight will start to come off. Like you I have put on a lot of weight over the past year from a combination of the medicines, eating more and exercising less. It is so frustrating at times. Good luck, Linda.

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Hi claire143 :)

Welcome to the forum you have found the best place for friendly fibro support and advice.

It sounds like a very stressful vicious circle Claire and I was wondering if you had spoken to your GP about how you are feeling?

Weight gain and exercise is something that is discussed frequently here as certain medications are prone to causing weight gain and with us having poor to no mobility can't exercise either to try to lose it. I have put 2 stone on since Feb last year but it's all down to medications and the fact I can't exercise. I have physio exercises mainly stretches but that's not exercise as I know it which involves raising my heart rate at least :)

Depression can be and certainly has been for me in the past a result of not being able to exercise and then the weight piling on to boot! How to get on top of it is something I am still trying to figure out for myself :o I think a chat to your GP could be useful because then together you can discuss ways that could help you be it through medication, therapies or exercise programs.

It is difficult to advise because we are different people so what treatments may work for me may not work for you................ if we consider dietry differences/changes and intolerances for example, or medications.

I do agree with Fay though, take it one step at a time, most definitely be kind to yourself and most of all try to keep positive.

Have you checked out our Mothersite yet? there is a wealth of information there regarding all things Fibro including a 'Learn More About Fibro' section which contains useful articles. There may be something of use for you in there so here's the link;

This link is to a Post from the Past with a varied discussion about weight that I think has a few interesting points and thought you may like to look at it :)

Please remember that I am not a medical professional just a fellow fibromite sharing experiences and info with you :)

Please feel free to ask any Q's that you may have, join in on the posts be it for a moan...........or a giggle and I look forward to seeing you around.

Soft fluffie hugs

:) xxxsianxxx :)

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i would like to wecome you to the caring sharing site hope you find it as useful as i do.we lookout for each other have a rant we have amusing pictures and poems plus a comedy corner as we need to laugh to lift our spirits.lilian


Hi Claire, like Lruk i walk in the swimming pool, as well as a few exercises and swim as many laps as i am able without worsening my pain, i have recently attended an aquafit class for the elderly (I am only 50!) I dont do all the exercises, only what i can and i leave as soon as feel the need, which is usually half way through. I spoke to the women who takes the class first and explained my circumstances, she was great and said just join in with what you can. Although it is on every week, i am rarely fit enough to go every week, but like funkyfairy says small steps are better than none. I have also started juicing each morning (fresh fruit and vegetables) which helped me lose half a stone as well as improving my diet. Good luck with your endeavours,



Thanks everyone. I do have a doctor's review soon so well being it up but as he is aware of everything that is happening in my family at the moment think he will say it is to be expected that I feel so lost. Hoping I can try to bring myself out of it so I can get a life back xx


exercise is now on dr referal i am told and we had a leaflet ,is there any chair based ones with stretches using bands in your area ..for the elderly and ppl with long term condition


Hi claire143

I would like to say welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance, and I genuinely hope that you find the forum an informative and enjoyable experience.

I can totally empathise with your situation, as it is not easy to stay motivated if you are in so much pain and feel so fatigued. This is not an easy pattern to escape from? I sincerely hope that you medical review goes well for you, and that your GP can afford you some useful suggestions?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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