Do people drink coffee/coke in large quantities to stay awake or feel alive when need to be

I am addicted to coke I drink far too much of it and now it's seriously damaging my health I went to a dietitian today and think we have worked out a plan to get off it as I have done so before and worked out a way I can eat regularly even if I have spells in bed I am going to try and succeed at this so that even if it improves 1 of my health problems I be happy will just need to stay motivated

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  • Hi Colegg

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I am so sorry to read that you are having problems with what you term addiction. Am I right in thinking it is just the caffeine that you are addicted too?

    I personally think it would be exceedingly conducive to your well-being if you can cut out all or most of this caffeine as it has no nutritional whatsoever, as it is just empty energy. Once you come off the high you must feel worse than before you had the coke or coffee?

    I do understand how difficult this will be for you, but as you have said, you have done this before! I genuinely hope that by doing this that you gain a greater insight into what your body actually needs instead of your glass of pop?

    Good luck and please keep us all up to date with how you are getting on.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Best of luck to you Colegg. You can do it x

  • Keep strong Colegg, short term hurt for long term benefit, but sure it won't be easy. Try to give yourself other treats that are not so destructive.


  • I gave upp diet coke last year and I am convinced I was was difficult to start with but A big improvement in pain symptoms was worth it. Hope you manage :-)

  • Hi Moo I was addicted gave it up about fifteen years ago cannot touch a drop,now. Do I feel better yes but I still have to regulate how many cups of coffee. 2 in morning and one if go out. When I worked it was 4 or 5 times a day,

    So I am better than before in how much caffeine I take.


  • For me I think it was the aspartame rather than the caffeine - not sure though - and find that I look at everything for artificial sweeteners now and try to avoid. If I "accidentally" have something with aspartame in I am usually worse for a couple of days pain wise - may be psychosomatic but either way I'm pretty sure I will aim to avoid artificial sweeteners in the future and definitely know that the better I eat, the better I feel :-)

  • you can do it, it will be worth it as I became a heavy caffine user without meaning too; im a tea-a-holic, choco-holic and was taking pro-plus just to get through my 4 hour shifts at work so I could be mentally alert and have energy. but one afternoon I became very dizzy,vomiting and the room spun even when I was lying down. it was an overuse of caffine so I weaned myself off it,i did have a thumping headache and was grumpy (more than usual lol) but did it.

    I now drink decaff tea,it tastes the same. I wish you luck x

  • Hi Colegg, I like moo and gins was addicted to diet coke big time and I gave it up mostly because of the aspartame and I now know what damage diet coke can do to your internal organs. I do have a cup of coffee or two a day, but decaf after midday and green tea which is very good for you so I understand, it took a while to get used to it but it's fine now.

    You have managed to do it before, so that is great and if you need motivation and encouragement we are here to give you that support any time your need it :-)

    Sending lots of motivational positive vibes your way :-)

    Foggy x

  • Good replies. One of the other dangers of cola has been mentioned. Aspartame. Beware of sports and "energy" drinks too , they can contain caffeine as a stimulant and R*d B*ll is riddled with it. Keep looking at the label until you're comfortable with products.

    Good luck. I'll send some kung fu grasshoppers to kick the problem in the shins. :)

  • I replied to this and whoof it has gone xgins

  • Not any more! I used to drink four cans of diet pepsi a day because I don't like tea or coffee much, but now I drink sugarless blackcurrent cordial (4 cals a go) diluted with low calorie lemonade that has none of the nasty additives (only 2 cals) and have a few glasses of that every day - not ideal, but the best I can manage at the moment. I have tried to get onto fruit teas and can manage in the summer but in the winter I don't find them comforting enough. Suex

  • Hi I cannot get on with herbal teas I feel like I have waved a Blueberry over the water and that is it , Quite the most horrible insipid drinks around. Rather drink ribena :D


  • Likewise. I just wasted £1 (sorry if that hurts gins) on chamomile tea. Could not even drink a mouthful. Still watching Bombay Railway from last night. Liked Portillo's program :P

  • Ah Portillo what a guy he has turned into Yes good programmes thoroughly enjoyed!

  • And he did sign the paper that saved the Settle and Carlisle :)

  • I agree, though I have sometimes managed two blackberry teabags left in for a long time and found that ok.

  • HI, if you can get hold of a real tooth, hopefully not your own,just leave it in a small glass of coke over night you will be amazed at how it completely dissolved, so can you imagine what this is doing to all you other organs and stuff in your body,all the best.

  • Thanks for support see how it goes slowly slowly catch the monkey x

  • I cannot stand the taste of coke thankfully, I do love tea though

  • For your own sake pack it in. A can of coke be it diet or otherwise contains the equivalent of 5-6 teaspoons of sugar. Which is more than your intake of sugar should be for 1 day. Plus the fact that its makes you feel bloated and put on unnecessary weight that you don't need. I have never quite got the addiction for these fizzy drinks that most people seem to have and pass onto their children. I really don't mean to sound patronising but you are in control of your own health. Hope you conquer your addiction for coke, just don't replace it with some other carbonated drink as that can be just as bad for you. I always tell myself if I don't eat and drink and throw in some exercise very week, I will put on loads of weight around my waist and end up with diabetes or worse heart problems. Find that keeps me on my toes as I want to live this life I have been given to the full. I really do wish you well!! STAY MOTVATED way to go girl!!

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