Hi all, saw my new gp today and the good news is I can take my new meds by emptying the powder out of the capsual. The bad news is my blood results showed my inflamation levels are high and she is questioning wether the consultant has wrongly diagnosed me and infact I have Lupus.

I would like to stay in here for now if that's ok as I really have learnt a lot from you all and feel we are friends. Felling just a little confused right now. Xx

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  • I'm not surprised you are confused, but sounds like you have a good GP, as do I. I was diagnosed with Hughes Syndrome in 2001 and then told I had signs of lupus and Sjogrens . Developed fibro two years ago. The symptoms of all these overlap which makes it even more confusing!

    I keep the Hughes under control with warfarin and take an anti malarial and occasional steroids to deal with the others. None of my conditions can be cured but managed as best I can.

    Hope this of help.

  • Thank-you

  • Try bringing your inflammation levels down by eating more natural fat, moderate amounts of protein (a palm-size at each meal), and moderating your carb intake to less than a third of your energy, minimising fructose.

  • I will take note of this, I like to think that I eat pretty sensibly, love my veg eat lots of spinich as my iron levels were really low during my pregnancies. Maybe just need to touch it up a little.

  • Hi Tinkerjack1912

    I am so sorry to read that you have Lupus, and I genuinely hope that you can be given medications that will make you feel much better? It will take a bit of time, I think, to absorb what has been said to you and how you feel about it all? I for one want you to stay with us, and not go anywhere!

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hi Ken, the diagnosis isn't confirmed yet but it does look like that way.

    Thankyou for your support.

  • I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Hi TJ , Just to say that Fibro or Lupus you would be badly missed if you left.

    Lots of hugs sue xxxx

  • Thankyou hunny, my heads a little mixed up today. Yesterday I blanked it I think today I feel down and scared. Gentle hugs xx

  • Hi again, i too am sorry for how you are feeling at the moment, and yes it does sound like your doctor is onto it. Perhaps now you will get more relief if the diagnosing is correct. It seems if you have one auto immune disease you are open to another, I have fm and ra along amongst others and the only way I cope is LOTS of rest, I know this is hard for you with your little ones. wishing you well.

  • Thanks Denvajade. I hope you are feeling as well as possible today. Xx

  • So sorry sweetheart. My inflammation levels are three times the high side and I was checked for lupus. So don't be upset, as fibro causes it as well. Hope your new meds do the trick. Did they do a blood test for lupus? Hang in there sweetheart we don't want you going off and leaving us :) xxx Mitzi

  • Hi Mitziblue,

    Yes she did she told me that she needs to repeat tests as she will need to go back to the rheumatologist and question his diagnosis . I don't know if I'm coming or going. Thankyou for your support. Xx

  • Have you googled lupus to see if you have more of those symptoms? Many are the same I know but there are many extras that might help you feel more at ease. Hang in there Honey. xxx Mitzi

  • Thanks Mitzy, I have looked it up and do seem to appear to have a lot of the symptoms. Just have to wait and see. Xx

  • hi tj you new gp sounds good regardless as to what you have got you would be missed if you left here i don't really know about lupus but i will keep my fingers crossed for you.sending you big hugs & lavender fluffies.xx lilian

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