I find out last night that my GP practice has been closed with immediate effect by CQC for unsafe practice, so left blowing in the wind. That's very encouraging ...not . especially as my GP there, although a locum was very supportive. After much research this am have now registered with an0ther practice but so frustrating as have to built rapport again. Also just back from seeing hip consultant....pain in thigh not related to hip implant so referring to pain specialist. Advised to stop the Naproxen as softens bones and apparently the codeine loses its efficacy after a few weeks so for now take paracetamol! Somehow don't think paracetamol will hit the spot!

Oh and appointment for medical with ~ESA 2/7/15!

jo x

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  • That must have been a big shock. We have got to move doctors as we will be out of our doctors catchment area when we hopefully move soon and I am dreading it as it has taken about 2 years to build up a good understanding with the new doctor who actually believes that fibro is a nasty illness. Being in a glass half full mode today I am praying for you that the new doctors might be a revelation.

    You do wonder what has been happening at your other doctors for them to actually be immediately closed as usually they have warnings first and a chance to put things right. Sounds as though you are better out of there. I have been to our practice and seen wonderfully locums and wished that they would become permanent doctors at our practice but unfortunately it has never happened.

    At least the pain is not to do with your hip implant which must be a relief but of course now you have to have further investigations. It sounds as though that is good advice about the naproxen it is awful when you take a drug for something and then find the side effects can be worse than what you originally took the drug for.

    Let us know how you get on with the new doctors.x

  • Can you stay with doc once registered. I know they wont take anyone outside the area, but I've known a couple who kept existing patients who moved. NB that rule may well have changed.

  • I wish I could Badger. I have put it past him and I think perhaps if it was left up to him he would say yes but he is the junior in the practice. He said that they have had some very bad experiences. One patient came to him and he decided they needed urgent blood tests. The test results came in and he was so concerned he decided to go out immediately on a home visit only to be told by the neighbours that this person had moved to the other side of the borough three years before and had never told the practice. They then had the job of trying to track the person down as they needed urgent treatment. He says this has now happened so many time that this decision has been made.

    I told him I would not expect any home visits in fact in 34 years of being with them I have only had two home visits and my husband one with a locum. He has said just before we move to write to the Senior Partner and see what he says but he thinks unfortunately it will be a no but nothing ventured nothing gained. I have a feeling it will be a no as they are in charge of their own budget and two of the meds I am on are very expensive. I think they like the patients who they only see every 10 years and aren't on regular meds. Fingers crossed though.x

  • Interesting. The doc's answer seems a bit of a fudge, as the patient concerned hadn't told them of the change of address. You have.

    I can understand the practice's reasons and suspect that's also why the other patient failed to keep the practice informed. If you need a home visit, you need one. At least in your case they have the correct address. It beggars belief about the other patient. I don't know if it's an offence or similar not to notify any changes but by gum it can cause serious problems for all, including the patient, if we don't.

    That's part of the rule. We don't want doctors spending valuable and rare time driving around the countryside when they could be seeing another patient, but only a couple of miles wont make much difference.

    Hey ho. Good luck.

  • That must have come as a shock.you re lucky to have another Gp to register at good luck with your ESA medical.hope it goes well..

  • My practice which is owned by Virgin Care is closing at the end of July because Virgin have decided not to renew the contract! I have to find a new GP too!

  • Can't believe that but if they did close for unsafe practice, hopefully now they will get to the bottom of your problem...fingers crossed that you will find out soon. I was taking paracetamol when my hip first deteriorated but the doctor said they wouldn't be strong enough and gave me Zydol SR100mg which are prolonged release tablets containing tramadol hydrochloride for my pain in my hip and I'm not in pain at all now, I just cannot lift my leg or have to be careful how I move it sometimes. Keep positive, you will get better, onwards/upwards from now.

  • not good. hope all is sorted soon for you big hugs xx

  • Oh, joannie, how frightening that is to even *think* about! But aren't you glad they were discovered for their unsafe "misdeeds" ~ rather than being allowed to continue?! Just think: many lives have possibly been saved, including yours!!! Hope you are able to build a good relationship with your new doc very quickly ...

    Gentle hugs for feeling much better, finding help for your immediate needs ~ your thigh/hip ... bk

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I sincerely hope that your new GP surgery is can afford you the same rapport.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • It's not been your week has it? I hope you find a good Dr. asap. Tulip x

  • Not much fun there. I suppose all patients (several thousand) have no help finding a new doc?

  • Thank you all for your lovely replies and advice. It seems the new practice I've registered with have a very good rating with NHS choices so we will see. I'm dreading my ''esa assessment on 2/7! The benefits and work website is very informative for those of you who don't know about it.

    Hugs to all

    Jo x

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