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I saw the gp yesterday who had arranged my colonoscopy.he discussed my results(diverticulitis)and prescribed Fibrogel saying that will help me.I was doubtful as I had not been given any reassurance by my own gp.I picked up my prescription and it was sachets of an orange drink(?).I was upstairs on my computer and then went into my bathroom and just stood on my scales.they showed my weight as 13 stone.I didn't believe it-i had lost one whole stone in 2 days!!!!but I had been unwell 2days ago -vomiting and constipated(cos of taking codeine).So it could be to do with that but I dont think I would lose a stone like that.

I know i won't ever get one but I think I am owed an apology from my gp for making me suffer unnecessarily for all this time.

I also mentioned that I had purple bruises on my hands and chest area but they disappeared as quickly as they appeared.he said would do blood tests if it happened again.asked about my knees and he said they were bakers cysts -from doing a lot of walkinga and to wear support bandages.

Now all I need is an answer for why I have skin rashes and all over swellings and one growth.

Appointment on 24th Nov to see handorthopaedics re CTS then hopefully op.

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It's good that you are getting some answers at last, I've had fibogel in the past but find movicol is better. It must be exhausting fighting for so long for answers. All the best Lou xx


hi Lou.thanks for your reply.ive found with the fibrogel even tho ive stirred it thoroughly i get residue left at the bottom of the glass.ill google movicol and see what it is.dont know about exhausting-mentally yes!gp prescribed me 2 boxes of sachets -two months supply??


Hi Anbuma. I have found that the best way to deal with fibogel is to tip it into half a cup of water, give it a quick swirl with a spoon then drink it down fast before it turns to gooey jelly.

I then pour in a drop more water swill it round and drink that down.

It is terrible trying to clean a glass or cup that has had it in. but found that it doesnt stick to plastic picnic mugs.

I have taken it on and off for years and had no problems with it.

Hugs sue xx


Thanks sue for the tip.


Hi anbuma3

I am delighted that you have had some of the answers that you are looking for. Good luck with your appointment on the 24th November.

Take care

Ken x


Thank you ken.will let you know how it goes.have booked an appt with my own gp a few days before


So glad you have an appointment at last. My Dad was given Fibrogel and he always found it difficult to swallow and used to put his in lemonade as the bubbles seem to keep the little bits separated ande wasier to swallow. I too find Movicol much easier to swallow as it more or less completely dissolves and you don;t get all those horrible chewy bits in the bottom.

Hope they come up with some answers for you. Let us know how you get


Hello rosewine.I will try some lemonade.


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