Been quite poorly with bowel issues now confused as locom said I had SLE ?

Hi all read on here you can have bowel issues with fibro ,anyway my rummie insistent in April I didn't have lupus ,been very unwell since Wednesday and Friday had emergency appointment with locum who had read my notes and new about me quite well informed in fact and discussed all the meds she wanted to put me on but I can't tolerate , anyway came away with a bag full of meds with instruction that if I didn't improve I was to ring out of hours service and I was to be hospitalised well I am improving hence you see me posting , and my wonderful daughter will be with me by 6 pm to support me a bit before she goes to japan for a year, in aug/sep . Anyway I am now confused I didn't get a copy of letters from rummie to doctors for last vists and he told me he was worried about mt heart and my blood pressure is going up with each test the bottom number at least . Wednesday it was 144/ 88. Friday it was 144 / 89' it used to be 140 / 70 does any body have any ideas thanks for listening as I feel I am speaking to you all not writing Chris x

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  • Hello Chris sorry that you have been suffering but pleased that you are now starting to feel better.

    I am not surprised that you are confused, I just hope that your regular doctor can throw some light on things the next time that you see them.

    Oh doesnt it cause some problems getting a diagnosis when there is no one test for fibro and that so many illnesses have very similer symptoms.

    It will get sorted so be patient and at least you are feeling better

    Hugs sue xx

  • Hi thanks yes feel a lot better as day has progressed being told you have to have a drink every 5 minutes is a bit wearied I have drunk so much water and dioralyte in past 48 hour I could be taken for a gold fish :-) . My daughter is know here as well so that's nice as well I was more worried about my dogs than me as they are both young and my friends aren't that keen on them as they are very lively but they make me laugh and that is good for me. . X

  • Hi Shadows-walker

    I am really not surprised that you feel confused by all of this? If I were you I would ring them and ask for copies of any letters that they have written so you can have a good read and ask some serious questions about what you have and do not have?

    I can genuinely imagine that you are really put out by this? I want to wish you all the best of luck with getting the answers that you want and deserve.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hi ken thanks for kind words , I am off to see head of practice this morning, so I will have a chat I know I have fibro but I have been saying for months that I thought it was lupus but the rhummie as been saying no.I have had lupus anti bodies found as well I had decided that as the drugs he is planning on putting me on are for treating lupus as well I wouldn't kick up as long as I am getting the right treatment and I feel better ,that's all that maters. Anyway another quick question do you have issues with forgetting how to spell words as I have noticed with some of my posts that I have developed a strange why of using the English language , I used to notice if I had spelt something wrong straight away now I don't ah well I suppose it make people smile ,will let you know how I get on Chris

  • Oh Yes! There are times that I have terrible trouble remembering how to spell things? And sometimes I write the words in a strange reverse order which is very odd? I have been a professional writer since 1986, and I use to be able to type 90 - 100 words a minute, but not anymore!

    Mind you, I am having memory and confusion issues anyway, I am awaiting some test results to come back to see what the cause is?

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Hi ken ,that must be really very frustrating for you ,I read back some of my post and sometime I am mortified , my daughter has fits of giggles and teases me in the nicest way to make lite of it ,but to be honest I have always had a bit of a problem with spelling but it is really getting worse never mind as long as everyone gets the gist of what I am trying to post on here and is patient with me I might start a new trend of quirky spelling , I am obviously worse the tireder I feel ( I just had four attempts at spelling tireder LOL) are well off to apply for blue badge this morning take care. Chris x

  • You are spot on about getting tired, several members have said to me when fatigue kicks in they cannot write anything! So they give up and go and lay down.

    Take care

    Ken x

  • stomach problems yes are normal many have irritable bowel syndrome , can i suggest you cut down on takin you blood pressure so often your probably causing stress which raised it , go back to the doctor thats what he is their for and get your heart pressure ect checked out and read as much as you can on fibro

  • Hi

    You have a lot going on in terms of health and it sounds like the confusion about things is making you anxious too so that will increase your blood pressure. It sounds as though you have been further stressed by the locum's suggestion too. I wonder whether you can make an appointment with your regular GP and clarify things with them.

    Sue x

  • Hi I have been back this morning to GP saw head of practice who takes care of me when my GP is off and he told me that I have mixed conective tissue disease which my fibro is part of and he thinks I proberly do have lupus but not to worry about diagnoses he has told me under no circumstances am I to go back to work and that he will be very angry if he sees me there he was lovely and had me laughing by end of consultation but I think the fact that he knows me before all this helps .as far blood pressure goes it's not me taking it it's the doctors and nurses and I have been noticing the increase along with the weight :-( which is going up . I am feeling better today . Thanks for the responses Chris x

  • Gee sweetheart I have no idea. If it's just started it maybe related to the med's? I have had bowel problems from the start. It will calm down at times, seems to have a mind of it's own. Do you go to much or not enough?

  • This past week it was far to much ,at one point I must admit I thought I couldn't take much more but at least if I get like that again I have meds in to help , I have to be careful now I don't go the other way . I am feeling ok now my daughter and a friend have had me laughing for the past 4 hours which I needed and I am now going to sleep thanks for reply x

  • I'm glad you are feeling better. I would go from not going for a month and then you'd think when I did it would be hard as a rock but it would be running and I'd do like that for weeks. Plus the terrible cramping pains.

  • Must admit from going constantly for 24 hours to the point where I had split my skin I have now not been since Friday drugs stopped it now I am am eating but only small amounts stopped all pain killers today found out yesterday they had put me on morphine I just took what I was given , I am still being good and drinking loads of water just have to wait now and see what my body does next , never a dull moment :-) ,also applied for a blue badge today and treated to myself to 3 tops from a charity shop while out one was £ 15 .00 which is a lot considering ,but it pure silk and the make ghost , and I think it is new and it's green which is my favourite colour anyway feeling very cheerful thanks for the response going to rest up tomorrow then dentist on Thursday . Chris

  • Good for you!!! If you were on morphine you should have been constipated instead of going around the clock. You must be like me and react backwards. Glad you are on the mend :)

  • No I was put on the morphine on the Friday but all issues started really Wednesday then went completely haywire Thursday Friday and I must admit by 5 pm on Thursday .I thought I was going die by that point but I kept thinking it's got to stop there can't be anything else left , GP have sorted me now that if I get like that again I have everything in to stop it , I suppose really I should of rung someone but when I have had similar in the past but not nearly that bad usually about 6 hours ,I never discussed this before I have always kept it quite and of course didn't think it was linked I had my first meal since last Wednesday tonight a salmon fish cake salad and baked potatoe and I am a bit like windy miller now so I am slightly worried that here I go again keep your fingers crossed for me .

  • I will sweetheart. Hopefully it's run it's course at least for awhile. I used to go all day long, for days on end. It sometimes felt like Freddy Kruger was running his hand of knives in my abdomen. My stomach growled so loud it would have the dog's barking. Well saying a prayer you keep your meal in for awhile :)

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