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Another anti depressant

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I just loved looking after my sons dog recently while he was on holiday! I was a lot fitter by the end of the week and didn't want to hand him back. Missing all those puppy cuddles.

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Oh isn't he lovely I bet he kept you on youre toes all the time!

Gins Administrator

No I would not want to give him back, just one look at those eyes and im hooked. :)

Hugs sue xx

Awwwww what a cuteeeee :)

I am pleased you enjoyed it and felt a lot fitter for it

Fluffies and smiles for you

:) xxxsianxxx :)

Looks just like the one that was found at Glastonbury festival - gorgeous. perhaps you can borrow him or get visitation rights.


Looks so cute. Is it a cockerpoo?

I have a cockerpoo and they just love cuddle all the time. They never run out of loving you, a really wonderful breed. I'm sure they would love to have someone who would be willing to look after their dog, when they need to be out all day or on holiday! x

Yes he is a cockerpoo! Well spotted! I've got first refusal to have him when they go out for the day or on holiday. His coat is so soft and he loves being cuddled just like a big teddy bear. I may even get one myself when I've recovered from my next knee replacement. It wouldn't be fair just yet as I wouldn't be able to go for walks.

I forgot to say his name is Buddy because he's buddy gorgeous.

look at those eyes! who could resist ? :)

He is so sweet! Thank you for sharing this with us all.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

Lots of doggies out there whose owners couldn't keep them, and looking for new homes? Just a thought .....

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grannypip in reply to Artyrosie

I have already been looking at this option and found some lovely dogs but I must be patient and wait till I am able to go for proper long walkies. I walked my sons dog twice a day but could only manage short bursts round the block or somewhere with plenty of benches for me to keep having a SIT!!! Don't worry I'm holding that thought. Maybe in twelve months time.

Hi I re homed a beagledore which is my shadow last summer he looks like a small lab so that's what I tell people he is now the tail stands up like a beagle but that's about it ,my son re homed a beagle 2 weeks after me he lives in Brighton I am in Wales but they both are with me, due to circumstances my friends were cross and worried when I ended up with to but they play and entertain each other and my OT think they are good for me and I agree now even on bad days they give me a reason to get up in the morning ,and i I have a dog walker as I can't always manage to walk them and they are both young so need the exercise ,shadow was house trained but Murphy was a bit and miss we sorted that out by fitting a dog flap , I have bought a scooter which I haven't used much yet with them but it was bought for the dogs my health is not to stable at moment but when it is I have the means to be indepentent ,your son puppie is beautiful perhaps you could kidnap him and they could get another one :-) Chris

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