Anti-Biotic Resistance

The video simply and clearly demonstrates the growing problem of anti-biotic resistance.

Perhaps it may cause you stop think and ask the Dr,,, do I really need the anti-biotic,,, it is only a matter of time to they just won't work at all and we will be dying of very simple infections that yesterday our immune system defeated with ease.

Anti-biotic resistance is one of the greatest problems we face as a society today, yet few realise the significance and grave extent of the problem.

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  • Totally agree Ray the more my friend takes the less each time they seem to work for exactly the same type of infection. They also often have really nasty side effects that can make you feel as bad as the original infection.

    I wouldn't want to deter anyone who genuinely needs them but they are just no good for viral infections. I think if we can tough it out our bodies often start to build up their own resistance.x

  • I am in full agreement with this. I think years ago when they where first found it was a real breakthrough but now we should only take them when absolutely necessary.....

  • Very good point RayB my GP inly prescribes them if they are necessary, it is amazing the amount of people want them for the common cold! Some things we need to build up our immunity to, we have enough going on as it is without overloading on unnecessary medication :)

  • This is the guidance and directive for GP's but still most of the time they are not necessary.

  • Hubby and I were discussing it this morning and we have the problem solved. For all those people who desperately need an antibiotic and the Dr knows it isn't needed they could be given a placebo in its place. Too cheeky? :D

  • Been a lot about this in the press recently. My GP will only prescribe them if really necessary. I have had to have them recently for sinusitis after it hadn't resolved after three weeks, so only option. Hate taking them, but sometimes there is no alternative.

  • Thanks RayB, I have to admit the implications of this are quite frightening! Thanks for sharing.

  • Ken,

    if you take the MCR-1 gene (rapidly spreading within bacteria) into consideration it is worse than you can imagine.

    I look in horror at the numbers of items on the shelves such as antibacterial hand sanitisers, wipes, toothpaste, deodorants and detergents, as these too promote antibiotic resistance yet nothing is said and the people blindly buy them thinking they are doing something noble. I see people buy them and have difficulty comprehending the lack of understanding.

    Go do it, just obliterate anything you have left of an immune system and then expect it to work when you get an infection. Not to worry there is always antibiotics.

    It almost looks like a perfect plan to promote bacterial resistance; It is foolishness gone mad.

    When someone dies of a chest infection today the bit that is not talked about is that just a few years back they probably would have not died from that same infection as they had an arsenal of antibiotics they could have used. Today there are just a few left and a few combinations that may work as they pump them in abundance and increasingly watch fail.

    Anti-biotic resistance is never mentioned and will never be implicated on the death cert.

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