feet and legs and all

hi guys yes me yet again with more questions SORRY

i get sharps pains in my feet and the bks of my calfs when i walk, and last night i had this shooting pain in my head well at the side mostly..

and my partner does laugh at me some times because i say daft stuff or put things away that should not go there...or is it me just getting old hehehe....

i am glad i have found this site as people do answer ur question and give you surrport all the time THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART X

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  • Hi Hun,

    I dont think there is a it of the body FM does no affect. Both my achillies tendons are affected. Pais in the calfs when walking plus everywhere else. Brain Fog is funny to our partners but it is soooooooooo frustrateing & scarey.

    Take care

    Gentle Hugs X

  • same here pammy, put things in the fridge that shouldnt be there, found the telepohone in there once :-s x

  • i have awful pains in my feet heels calves and knees really agonising pains, i make sure i sit with my feet up whenever i can it does help a little

  • It hurts my feet to walk on first thing, my calves hurt all the time but knees are the worst with stiff burning pain. kel xxx

  • I agree there Jazher my knees are so very painfull feels like some1 is twistin them round n around brings tears to my eyes. I feel like i carnt complain because if people look at you its like "well you look ok wats wrong with you" IF ONLY THEY KNEW!!!! Wat i wouldnt give to just walk up the garden without the pain!!! xx lynn

  • hi lynn,

    i have learnt about who is my friends so i can complain and who are the people who just dont care. :(

    I am in constant pain and people dont realise the many pills i have to take just to go out the door.

    Do you find going up the stairs is agony?

    I have had an extra rail fitted on the other side just so i can try and not put all my weight on them.

    kel xxx

  • thank you guys for the messages, feeling a bit dizzy to night and i think i have a bit of a scracthy throat comming head banging and feel so tied.... dont want to give in just yet .... love to you all and thank you xxx

  • my feet hurt generally but this can become extreme after too much walking. some bloods have shown inflamation markers but gp said they are too low for gout.

  • Know all about the sore feet and all the other parts!! Fog is funny if you keep your sense of humour about it. People look at me like I crawled out of cheese when I can't recall anything. Other day I could not remember my doctors name when checking in at the hospital for my ear. Could not recall the hospital I went to previously too. To be fair everyone was polite about it but you could see they were secretly wondering what was up!! Quite funny but if I don't remember, then I just don't remember!!!!!

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