Hi every1 I was wondering if eny body has red enyfin about a link between fibro and Lyme disease

I been reading up on a lot of info and have found that fibro and Lyme disease are very much in terms of symptoms in fact they r so alike ther is thousands of people out ther who have been missed diagnosed am just wondering if eny1 has been told they have fibro but found out years down the line they have had Lyme disease or vice Verser

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  • I was blood tested for Lyme but it came back negative.

    Think it is more commonplace now though!

  • Hi ther did u have the western blot blood test done

  • I had full Borrelia serology, so Blot and ELISA.

  • I was asked by my Dr if I'd been bitten by a tick because he suspected Lymms disease but I said I didn't know of any occasion. However, I did get bitten at the beginning of the year but I don't know by what so I'm planning on mentioning this to the Dr when I see him next.

  • Hi ther thanks for ur reply i was DX last year with fibro after going bk and fwd to docs for almost four years but it got to the point we're iv had enuf ..ther are so many things going on a fel like ther is somfing slowly destroying me from the inside out ..after I started reading up on Lyme disease it makes so much more sence .with the things av got going on at this point .I was bitten many years ago by wot a don't no .I don't no if a should tel my doc or if they will list in to me ..they having been very helpful in the past .do u think its worth mensioning to him

  • I wood do that just incase a lot of people don't even no they have bn bitten till they start to take I'll over the years its hard to get a 100% correct answer ither way fibro or Lyme

  • Hi amanda2277

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling well today? I have read a couple of pieces relating to this but I have never come across anybody that this has happened too?

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hi ther ken I havnt either but I was thinking back a was bitten many years ago iv had the symptoms for over 4 years last year the doc DX me with fibro think because bloods we're all normal couldn't find enyfin ...after reading about fibro and lymes and how alike these illness are ..could it be possible it was a tic bite ..a fel at the this point that everyfin is breaking down my skin ,hair nails ,and all the other symptoms I have ..do u think it is worth talking to my doc about this x

  • It really is an interesting question? It may help to get a second opinion? I have just been reading how the NHS diagnose it, and it is not that simple or straightforward?

    I have pasted that link below:


    In all honesty, you would need to have the special blood test to find out? Maybe be worth discussing this with your doctor? Have also read the symptoms page and they really do appear very similar.

    Take care

    Ken x

  • They do ken I found it a bit shocking how similar they are and yet its never been brot up by my GP in over 4 years ..even the test isint 100% to give u a correct result x

  • It's true Ken - I understand there is a specific blood test for lymmes so there's no harm in mentioning it. I don't know if the Dr already did the test for me or not which is why I'm going to raise it with him (you never know). If it's negative, at least I know for sure, otherwise I may just keep doubting myself and wishing I'd asked.

    I don't know how true the similarities actually are, but as my Dr originally asked me about the tick bite I thought I get it checked out.

  • Hi bonsabrost

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling well today? It is worth asking? I have been reading about the special blood test on NHS Choices, which is quite informative. It is also amazing to think that a bite from something as small as a tick could potentially cause such suffering?

    Good luck when you discuss this with your doctor.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Bites from soft bodied ticks (which feed quickly & don't stay embedded) often go undetected and transmit diseases which cause inconclusive Lyme blots. I had Borrelia Hermsii, Tick Borne Relapsing Fever, which is treated similarly to Lyme.

  • I had a terrible experience with a paralysis tic that buried itself deep in between my eyebrows when I was 14. I woke up to find my eyes were swollen shut, and called out frantically to my mum who came and took it out. It was a huge big thing, the ones that kill dogs. It had attached itself to me through the night while I slept.

    Here in Australia we get all kinds of toxic insects, and animals. It wasn't long after that, only about a year that the Fibro symptoms started, then were really kicked off after a very traumatic birth I had when I was 26.

    I do believe there is a link between lymes and fibromyalgia. In fact I was researching it when I saw this post.

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