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do you think you can contract fibromyalga (sorry cant spell) from degenerative disc desiese?

hi i have DDD and yet you cant touch me.. my skin hurts every part of my body hurts... everywhere.. even a cuddle hurts me! do you think i have fibro? my Dr said that as it cant be diagnosed he has to eliminate all other things before he may consider adding that to my longggg list of ailments!

Im on so much medication including morphine! but my skin hurt way before all the meds..

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For myself Ihave had fibro for many years now to find yep I have DDD.Hopefully I will remember and ask specialist next time- who knows I could have had DDD in the first place!!!


hmm that'll be intersting! I dont see a specialist at the mo! My dr is trying all sorts to help me deal with my pain.. then when he's exhausted everything he will send me... then the consultant HAS to do something rather than send me off for 3 months will more pills to try! I wonder if one makes the other? and vice versa with us?


HI Iv had fibro for 2half yrs and DDD for 6 yrs, iv also got osteoarthritis in my spine and two prolapsed discs, yes iv wondered the same thing


Fibro isn't infectious, but yes, having DDD, could put you at higher risk of developing Fibro. Partly because anyone with any chronic painful condition seems to be at higher risk of getting Fibro (this is widely acknowledged by rheumatologists about their RA and Lupus patients) and partly also because spinal cord compression may be a factor in Fibro. Positional cervical cord compression is being studied as a possible cause of Fibro in some people and more serious cervical cord compression is known to cause Fibro-like symptoms.


wow thank you LindseyMid... any idea's how to get my doc to admit it then? he he he! I have a friend who has Fibro and we did a "poke here" test on me.. i nearly left the chair!! does having fibro really make your skin hurt THAT much??? :-(

keep ya eye on this thread then you guys! this could get interesting he he he!


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