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Just wondering


Hi everyone just a quick question a bit silly really but .. Has anyone ever come off tramadol x2 x4 times a day plus the fibro meds and been ok and find they didn't need it when they have learnt about pain management if you know what I mean. See I panicked a lot about my fibro at first so didn't realise so many things that I do today. Only I have lower lumber with nerve damage that has caused my feet to flatten from size 9 - size 11 and they can be very painful which I have always believed has mad my fibro symptoms worse due to the pains causing me so much stress. And to top that off I suspect my doctors are going to take my tramadol away as one of them has told me that he'd only prescribe me paracetomal if he had his way. This frightened and devastated me at the time . This brings me to another question if they remove my meds or reduce and I do struggle through my day as it is where can I find the right advocate and advice from where they are not scared or taken in too much by the phd title. Really need to know so any help would be good.

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I have stopped my tramadol before as I thought it wasn't helping me. The doctor at the Pain clinic suggested a went back on it as it turned out it was helping me… a lot! Like you though, I suspect I might be taken off it and I dread going back to that place where I can't move for pain. I can't take paracetamol.




I have not stopped taking tramadol but I have reduced it on the rare times that my pain is not too bad. This week I've had to take 8 a day. Only you know how much pain you are having and tramadol is prescribed for pain. Your GP should be doing everything they can to help you not scaring you with his opinions. I think some GPs do not give us credit for knowing our own bodies as well as we do. You could ask to be referred to a pain clinic? I've found them helpful or enquire about changing your GP if things don't change. Hope things improve, take care. X x


Well Tramadol is now a control drug, I can tell you that

You should not try to come off it without help as it is addictive

to most people

I work with drug addicts and they are reduced before they stop

I don't think any medication takes the pain away completely

Just makes it more bearable

Talking today to someone who is on morphine for palative

Care I asked him if it took the pain away, he said no but.

It masks it, and makes me able to cope. So maybe we expect

To much from our medication, and in some ways we have to

Train our brains to except some of the pain, I know it's hard

I have the same pain problems as all fibro sufferers.

Viv xxx


Hi Royalspec01

I am so sorry to read that you have been left alarmed by a doctors comments, and if they do stop your Tramadol then I think it may be an idea to write to your Practice manager and see what else is available or what other GP's are available? I have never personally taken this drug so I know very little about it.

If the worst case happens, then it may be an idea to look for another GP surgery? Or, a drastic measure, write to the General Medical Counsel and ask what drugs they recommend for Fibro?

Take care

Ken x

I have managed to reduce my pain killers (all kinds) by going on holiday I moved to the Mediterranean and slowly reduced. I still get pain and tired but more able to cope. I have to pace, and yesterday realised it was like being in a inferred blanket for 12 hours a day so lots of showers as serious detoxing. I come back to the UK every few weeks and this is not a cure

Hi there everybody so sorry I haven't been about but I have I just don't write to much these days seems everyone has had a reply or something comforting written or helpful well id like to say thank you for all your helpful support and am taking it on board. At the moment im just low I think and anxious . Its too complicated for me to explain but my lower lumber causes my flat feet which are painful when doing to much on them they spread easy and can vary form mild discomfort to I have to rest them. With this goes aver small changes where the pains change and remain like deteriating cycles. so I panic a bit , think I've got it sussed but I haven't im never prepared for any loss just think I have. Well the tramadol are for my bone pain and lyrical for my fibro but the bone pain its what causes the most stress and this worsens my symptom's of fibro hope that explains this. Thank you everyone for your kind comments. xx

A lot of though there. My doc recons painkillers can be a temporary measure if things go well but looking at the site I don't think it is a short term thing. I agree you need to taper off. I'm doing it now with Amitrip. We'll see how I get on. Probably not a good time to try but I'll bet there's no such thing.

That doc's comment sounds really unhelpful. Surely you have a right to treatment that works and to try to find something that does. That anxiety will only make matters worse and brought on by the doc. Strange. I hope you find a way.

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