other helpful web sites for everyone needing support and advice when applying for ESA/PIP

hi there,

could someone let me know if it is ok to post another sites e.mail address if it has usefull information regarding ESA/PIP. i have such a one that i have been using and it is a free site run by people who have been through the assessments and give information on these subjects.

just want to help but dont want to do something that is not allowed.

kind regards


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  • Hi Janet could you pm me the site information please and details etc and I shall confer with my fellow V's and get back to you :)


    Fluffies for you

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • I see zeb73 on the case? You can't turn your back for a moment or she is in there!

    Thank you zeb73 x

  • Whatever are you implying young sir?

    just because I have a spring in my step and can sometimes boing faster than you :P :P :P

    XXX zeb

  • Your boing is always faster than mine! I am too weighed down by Bourbons biscuits!

    he!he! x x x x x

  • hi janet,

    could you also send me the email please?

    as ive applied for pip last sept & are still waiting for them to acces me

    thanks kaz x

  • I wouldn't mind seeing this either! Forearmed is forewarned eh? ! XX

  • hi Janet, as zeb has said, if you send the link to her in a pm, we can check it out and get advice from hu.

  • I would like this website info too please, as I expect to be reassessed next year and want to be ready!! With my foggy brain AND menopausal brain death it will take me that long to read and understand it all!!

  • hi there, once i get the ok i will put up the web address as i do not want to get into trouble. fingers crossed they say yes as i think it is a grat site where you can get advice and help from someone who has been through the processand have information and advice.


  • Hi janet please can you private message me the link so that I can check it with my fellow V's


    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Hi Janet :)

    After checking the link and having a discussion I think it may be best if you invite people to pm you for the link if they would like it as the link needs to be vetted by higher admin than us such as Mdaisy as in line with the Guidelines of FibroAction.HU

    It is ok to send the link to other members via private message :)

    Please don't let this put you off posting and thank you very much for asking first before posting it.

    May I also remind all members that FibroAction cannot be held responsible for the content of external websites as stated in the Guidelines of FibroAction.HU, section 3.

    Take care and sending fluffies and smiles :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

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