Guard dog

Guard dog

I can't post without a picture.

But I really need a moan.

Just had a very unpleasant 3/4 hour with my boss at the evening job. In a nutshell I'm not pulling my weight and without actually saying so directly, wants rid of me. I feel a flare coming on but that would play straight into his hands as sickness record was brought up. Not my fault but not his either. This business helps neither of us but I can see where it's going - despite the fact I sent him leaflets from the mother site.

Thankfully there are fluffies with me and a few have rallied round, bless 'em.

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  • We are all aloud a moan bad luck seems ne doesnt want gadget. Should say badger. L'ok. Xgins

  • Perhaps he wants Inspector Gadget :P

  • He had something up his sleeve. Xx

  • Not "Brain". :P

  • Where did Napoleon keep his armies?

    Up his sleevies. :D

  • Oh Paul I am really sorry, if only people could understand. Not only the pain that we are in but also the need for us to try to carry on as normal.

    Sending you lots of gentle hugs my friend sue xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Thanks Sue. Want to send the "Lads" round? :P

    I'm not as upset as I thought I might be. With reading other people's posts I see it's only been a matter of time, so I'm kind of resigned. Already booked appointment with GP. Luv the internet :)

  • I was lucky in that I was made redundant when they closed the Oldbury branch down, just as I was getting worse. It didn t feel lucky at the time though.

  • Yeah. I bet it was still like a punch in the middle.

  • Devestated :(

  • Why Lads a group of women nagging him would probably be better :) Sorry to read you dilemma, I hope it does not come to us all. I work part time and I am not prepared to give it all up at all, and so far seem to be lucky in that they are prepared to work with me. Just had a thought (get them occasionally) use those badger teeth and rip the seat of his pants off, just for the fun of it :) be a pain in his rear then he would get a tiny taste of your world :)


    You have a boss most of us would like :P

  • So far, I have managed to get in every day and my sick record is not too bad at present. It is a small family firm and I am the only one who can do this job so if I start going out more frequently they may feel the need to replace me with a fitter model :s

  • He definitely said he wants to trade me in for a newer model and I can't deny my attendance record is a bit poor.

    The big insult was I don't give enough notice when I'm going to be sick. As if I can predict a flare. :(

  • aaah, I see the problem, like me you failed the crystal ball class :) It is ridiculous that you are expected to predict when you will have a flare. I feel very fortunate in the face of your predicament but can fully appreciate your annoyance at it all. I think you are worth ten able bodied, younger, fitter and crystal ball reading replacements, there is only one fenbadger and it would be your bosses loss.....shall we just slag him ;)

  • Yes, let's :)

    Insofar as crystal ball gazing goes, I saw this coming months ago - signs I've seen before so it's been no surprise

    The same company got the deep clean contract for Southampton Univerity a couple of years ago . . haven't seen them since :)

  • Either way it is not a nice feeling, and I still need to pass crystal ball reading :)

  • that might look good on a CV. I'll google for courses. Want to join me? :P :P

  • I'm up for that. My boss will be super impressed when I can book my sick days in advance :)

  • Mine might be when he can predict a Badger Bite on the B*m

  • Can I be there to watch that one, as an impartial witness :p

  • only if you promise not to laugh as he runs away screaming :)

  • I don't think they can get rid of you that easily. fibro is a government recognised condition. I can't search, find and paste at the mo, but you are covered by disability rights and adaptations policies.

  • Good luck Paul. Hope you get it sorted, have you got a union rep or someone like that you can call on?

  • Go on ... Have a good moan my friend. Hope you feel better soon.

  • I'm so sorry to hear this and I'm sending you positive thoughts and gentle hugs.

    I had the same thing, but I was being complained at for doing my job too well! Yes, my manager & her assistant hauled me in regularly basically because my illness was 'made up' and they did their best to make life hell for me. I eventually got so depressed due to pain and them that I had to give up work. Since then, I have had more diagnoses and now couldn't work.

    Hold your head up high and be proud of what you achieve each and every day. :-) x

  • {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ kettle }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    Always here kettle :)

    and very sorry to hear that.


  • Actually my friend just seen Hambles message so thought I'd give you link this link

    The Disability Rights Act is there: Disability rights under the Equality Act 2010


  • Thanks for all the support everyone. I'll go down fighting but i fear it's inevitable. I saw the signs a couple of months ago. The guy is, wee best not repeated in public, but happy to make the same unfounded allegations more than once.

    He claims he's already made all the allowances he can under the Equality Act.

    No union (4 employees) so clearly no separate HR dept either. Can I take him to tribunal? I fall into the category of "find £1000 first" - i wish. I'll let him have his way in the end but will search elsewhere, there's plenty more fish in the sea, Oh, and I'll be a pain while it's happening. God didn't give me those teeth for nothing. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  • You Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr as much as you like :)

    Within reason, of course!


  • Do I need a reason?


  • no............... rules! hahaha! :p

  • Thank The Lord for fluffies.

    Here's a few more. The fluffie with bulging bulging biceps has a special talent for providing hugs and home made chocolate cake.

    Don't let the buggers get you.

    Easier said than done though.

  • When you reach my age, there's little that surprises you :)

  • HUgs. I worked for someone who just didn't get it at all and I empathise. No advice but just sending a cyber hug.

    Gentle hugs


  • Thanks Jilly. I just got some of the group hug too.

    I'll let him have his way in the end. If this doesn't work he'll try something else until he succeeds. Life's too short to go with that amount of stress. If I keep control it can be done in a way that doesn't wind up out dear DWP. :)

    Hugs back.

  • Sorry to hear your news badger, I don't think this is moaning, it is a natural response to being (psychologically) attacked.I was utterly shocked and devastated when made redundant, no meetings, chats, warnings, absolutely out of blue. Sending hugs and hope for you, Sharon

  • Hi Sharon. Yes, I was made redundant six years ago but that was a personality clash and there were no legal grounds to get rid of me, my work was faultless - so the only way was to invent the idea I was no longer needed. Like you they went through due process and when the date came I was asked not to work out my notice (ie put on "gardening leave"). I noticed that after the six months period another person was taken on to fill my old place. I had a slight warm feeling as it proved they could not so without the post and they had struggled during the busy part of the tourist season.

    I'm kind of surprised about the complete lack of warning on your part as there is a process that MUST happen. However that doesn't stop someone who chooses to be "WILFULLY IGNORANT" of the law.

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