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I have heard of but I keep missing things maybe my ear is not to

the ground listening hard enough/ I can believe that I am not deaf although tinitus does plague me.

So farewell to Libs and welcome to VG . right that is done .

Yesterday I visited a orthapod my legs and right balloon of an ankle (it has taken three years to find this out) is chronic opeanea yup swellin so I shall soon look like Nora Batty.

Duh I knew it was swollen.

Never to wear short skirts is not a problem but I do like shorts in the summer. Hay Ho

It joins the shopping list of ailments.

Smile it is Candid camera xgins

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Oh Gins I am so sorry.. I shall throw out my mini skirts in sympathy.... But on a serious note is there anything they can do ... Meds etc... To help with the swelling?

VG x


I'm glad you're back with us Gins - sorry your legs are bad. Keep them up as much as you can, that should help a bit.

Wear your short skirts - I do and my knees are the size of balloons, I don't care!

Are you coming to VG's birthday party? We're all in mini-skirts there - we kept them on from yesterday's '60's bash!

Love Moffy x


Never been one for mini skirts I am afraid but a onesee well who cares I I am waring a Horse a little french number find us if you can haha But I can do the

twist like gin thing xgins

sh sh


Hi Gins,

Poor you with the swollen ankles and legs but don't give up the minis just go all retro and get leg warmers to go with them and start a trend.

But being serious now that is horrible rest them tootsies and get better.

Hugs Elaine xx


So now Gins you just need the Nora Batty stockings. Maybe VG will send you some lol. But I am sorry it is so bad for you. Fibro feels lonely so he invites all sorts of other guests to join the party xxxxxx


How right you are more guests than we need take care xgin


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