Does anyone else have moments when senses are heightened and movements feel very very fast and unable to speak whilst its happening ?

Hi everyone, This has started to happen a lot more!

When ever my pain is bad. I get a sensation that feels like pins and needles all over my body, my movements feel like the speed of light even lifting a finger, all my senses are heightened and everything also seems to happen very fast. The only thing I do is remain very still in the position I am in, I am left unable to speak.

I first started to get this as a child when I was ill but it has started to happen once a week!!! does anyone else get this ?

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  • Oooo, I've never heard of this before - strange - I hope you get it sorted out very soon....please update me on ths, I'm really curious - hope you feel much better very soon :-)

  • Thanks I'll keep you updated. I've felt so tired and weak today x

  • I have had this on and off for years, along with the sense of everything being in slow motion, This sensation is really weird, sort of on the outside looking in. I usually have a panic attack after these silly episodes as although in my head I know it will stop they are quite frightening. Now some one else has noticed this strange sensation I am going to ask at the pain clinic,( I have finally got an appointment on 2nd of July)

  • Me too!! I've never told anyone bc I didn't want anyone to think I'm crazy. It's been happening to me since I was a child and it used to scare me. Do you have any idea what it is or what is happening??

  • Had it..started up on Paxil.. Never happened to me again.

  • just a guess but it sounds like heightened nerve endings. one specialist described it as your body picking up every message your brain sends out even the ones that are usually silent, just as when we eat our dinner its automatic to pick up your fork, fill it with food and put it into your mouth. what happens is we hear every message i.e pick up the fork, put it underneath the food, load the fork with food, lift it up to our mouth, chew etc. hope this might help. love always lia144 xxx

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