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Newby here

I'm new here just found it stuck in bed with just my I phone and cat for company does anyone else have suicidal tendencies with fybromyalgia

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hi simon, welcome! that is one cute cat! I smiled just looking at that face :)

Are you having suicidal thoughts? Sometimes depression can surface with having fibro, the meds or just the changes that have and are happening in our lives.

please talk to your gp and consider calling the samaritans (details below)/ They are there as a listening ear for everyone, not just suicidal people.

there is life with fibro, and the wonderful, friendly people on this site are here to share, support and understand - and we have a great sense of fun too :)

fibro is challenging and sometimes getting the meds right can take a little time, but you are no longer alone, we are here.

everyone is on at different times, but your message will be read and someone will reply - not every member feels they can or want to reply but one of the volunteers will.

keep in touch.


hamble :)

The Samaritans

Tel: 0845 790 9090


Whatever you're going through, we're here to help 24 hours a day. We won't judge you and we won't share what you tell us with anyone else. Get in touch by telephone, email, letter and face to face in the UK andIreland. Visit befrienders.org if you live outside the UK or Ireland.


Hi Simonfybro

I am so sorry to read that you are really struggling at the moment, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to your Fibro issues. Welcome to the forum, and I genuinely hope that you find it as useful as I do?

I see that hamble99b has given you the Samaritans telephone number, so please ring them if you ever feel so down that you feel like you can't go on anymore.

I am pasting you a link to our mother site, FibroAction, and I really hope that you find this useful:


I genuinely look forward to bumping into you around the site.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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Morning Morning Simon,

How are you doing today, I see my friends have given you very useful addresses to look at and start you off.If it was an accident that made you choose this site , I don't know, but it sure was a lucky one. It is by far the best friendliest most knowledgeable site going.

I hope by looking at our mother site fibroaction.org you will find all the info to make your life more complete.

Best of luck do message me if I can help otherwise just join in - looking forward to your posts.


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Hi :) I do but then it's important to remember there is hope and symptoms can stabilise having found the right medication. And now you have found us we all here to learn and support each other.

I hope you find comfort soon.



I can understand how you feel, I too have been stuck at home this weekend, reading about my friends getting out and about and having fun while I can barely move. Yes it does get you down, please contact someone to help you deal with your thoughts I was told that it is best to try and rule fybro rather then letting it rule you, not so easy but hang on in there. I love your cat


Hi there everyone has given you great advice and I cant add to it, are you on any meds for depression and pain?

Amitriptalyne is a great night time tablet and I take a small dose of sertraline every morning.

I have had fibro for about 15 years and still manage to have some good times and sometimes I go into a type of remission, you need to be kind to yourself, lots of rest and pace yourself. take care


Hi Simon, I do yeah. I think it's normal to struggle emotionally and mentally sometimes when you're in pain all the time and feel isolated.that's why I signed up to this site. I don't want to feel alone and isolated, and on the days I can pull my head out of the mire I cope so much better and I can appreciate the little things in life.

I hope you manage to feel that and use any resources you have to keep your chin up. We're all here to listen x

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Good morning Simon and welcome. About six months ago I was just stumbling around looking at various sites and not being very impressed. Then I stumbled on to this one. It makes me feel part of the world again, here i have found friends who can help with advice or sympathy when I am down or to just spend time chatting to. They understand better than my old friends, on here I can be myself and not have to pretend.

I hope you also become a friend and will get as much out of the site as I do.

Lots of hugs sue xx


Not so much suicidal thoughts but anger and frustration at what I couldn't do anymore. It left me feeling useless and with little or no feeling of self worth. It's taken a while but I now try to find new things to do and take stock of my 'new' life. You will find on this site, plenty of people going through the same difficulties as you so keep in touch and believe me, you're not alone. XXX.


Hi please talk to us all we understand how it feels too. Your gp will help you hun they are there for advice. Book a longer appointment when you call to book so you don't feel rushed. Also iv joined fibro groups on facebook they are very helpful and always someone there to chat too. Sending you lots of inner strength Tina xx

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I know that feeling well! But I

Try to think to myself, this to

Shall pass. This is a great site

Support. Everyone is so supportive, your not alone! Cute



Hi Simon, Like you I am really new to this site, but on here I have found the warmest and most understanding of people. We seem to all have a common thread running (or rather hobbling) through our lives.

Although I was diagnoses with Fibro 30 years ago, it has only really (really) impacted upon my life in the past six years. I cannot give you the addresses where you will find positive help for those black dog thoughts that sweep unbidden through your sunny days. But I can tell you that from everything I have read it is another common thread within our exclusive club. In the words of Douglas Adams when presenting his public with his Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy his first piece of advice is always DON'T PANIC. Easy for me to say (no not really) but it does help if you can see the funny side of what ails you, because it won't ever be the same thing twice in a row. (sorry if you think I am flippant - this is my coping mechanism).

Suicidal thoughts have been uppermost in my mind many times (and I am sure in the minds of lots of other sufferers too). but I was born with a great big stubborn streak and I sure as hell am not going to check out and let this bloody thing win. Fight on dear heart, fight on. I fight with a little help from as tiny little pill called Sertraline, but it might not be the one for you. The one thing I have found out for certain is that nothing works for everyone. Don't Panic - there will be one that does work for you. From all that I have read so far, it would appear that Fibro prevents our bods from replenishing the serotonin that is so useful for putting a smile on our faces and a skip in our steps. I am truly sorry if I have waffled on, but I was never one for brevity when an essay would do just as well. That and I look upon this as conversations, I have done my bit of rabbiting - now it is over to you - so chin firmly up, dust yourself off and don't let this thing that has you on the canvas win - remember three falls or a KO - So you just work on KOing this little devil. Hugs and dirty big grins - Doreen x

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Hi Simon,

Just wanted to join in with my hopes that you feel more positive soon. not surprising to feel down when you are feeling pain, but things can and do get better. be kind to yourself but don't fight this on your own, get help.

Gentle hugs.


Hi I have literally just joined this site and Oh My God yes I am so struggling too :-( !!! I am having seriously bad thoughts which is so unlike me! My family and friends do not seem to understand at all. I have also had to watch and read all the amazing weekend updates and literally spent the whole weekend just crying my eyes out! Not in pain just so down and drained! Hopefully this site will offer an insight! I don't take Amitryptilline as cannot function on it, I take 50mg Setraline at night aswell as my other meds. I am seeing a fybro specialist later this week for the first time too. xxx


Hi Simonfybro. Just wanted to say welcome and gentle hugs. You are not alone, fibro is a debilitating and isolating condition, which can of course be depressing. This site is an antidote to the isolation, and the humour is a welcome relief from the wearying drag of never -ending pain. Plus, no one tells you to shut up or pull yourself together!

Just one last thing amongst all the advice you've been given, have you checked the side effects of any meds you are on? When I was on gabapentin, I was very low and had dark thoughts. I'm now on pregabalin and much better. But, everyone's different, so best check with your gp about it.

So, welcome and gentle hugs, Julie xxx

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Hi there Simon..... thank heaven for the internet, ay? Just to know you are not alone with this sanity-sapping condition is a great thing. A life-line for many of us.

Cats can be such compassionate and amusing companions...they seem to have this extra sensory perception about when their human friend is suffering, whether physically, mentally or both. It is a mutual thing, as I am sure you look after yours as well as he/she cares for you. Have you read the book about "Bob" the busker's cat? It will cheer you up, I'm certain.

Having just recently lost my companion of 14 years, I am feeling quite sorry for myself - however, my husband is a great help, even though he is often at a loss about what is causing the symptoms, and thinks I can just "pull out of it".

The others are right - Doctors try all kinds of treatments in an effort to relieve the symptoms. The best one I have seen recently is very concerned because these symptoms are on the increase (all over the world, not just in UK). She thinks it may be all the chemicals/pollutants in our food, atmosphere, cleaning products, etc. I have made the effort to cut this down to a minimum - keeping the meds down to the ones I cannot manage without, eating fresh food (where possible) and avoiding cities and crowded places.

A significant factor is irregular patterns of sleep. It is a natural reaction to want to "sleep off" pain....but try to stubbornly resist this, during the daytime (hard !!!) and gradually your body clock will be in sync with the moon's cycle, which is the natural sequence for all living creatures, including plants! I'm still getting to grips with this myself - and some nights scarcely sleep at all, knowing that when I wake the pain will be "lying in wait" like a wolf all set to pounce.

Cats have sleep down to a fine art....we could learn from them!

Keep posting - and think of reasons to love your life...... We are here for you.


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