Hi to all you fellow suffers with fms. My name is Chris and im a virgin to all of this lol. i must be one of a few of you who are male with FMS.

i gave up full time work 4yrs ago with a well paid job as a Senior Architectural Technician based in York office for TATA Steel. i would spend 3hrs per day travelling to and from work, it was very hard on me.

My selfasteam got very low along with all the other associated problems with FMS. i wish you all well in your struggle with FMS and hope somebody somewhere finds that magic cure for us all.

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  • Hi Chris and welcome aboard,You will find the more you ask questions and blog that we do have chaps on here.One in particular who name is Chorley,our little ray of sunshine.

    I am so sorry to hear you had to give up a very good career because of this rotten thing.

    And fully understand what you say about selfasteam.It must be really hard if you are a family man,but then hard no matter who you are.

    You will find help,answes,compassion and at times a darn good laugh of here.So hope to hear more from you.Gentle Hugs as we say Butterfly54:-)

  • Hi Chris - lovely to meet you - I am new today too :-)

  • Hi Chris and welcome. This forum is a lifesaver ...full of info and day-to-day lives of its members. Butterfly54 is right about chorley...very entertaining...always good to have a laugh if you can. you can pour your heart out or just have a good moan...especially good if you're awake at 2 or 3 in the morning.

    take care and gentle hugs

  • Hi Chris and welcome. Its great to know that we are not alone and people actually understand what you mean when you talk about fibro. gentle hugs x

  • Hello, nice to meet you.

    I love this site and you will too, its a god send. :)

    kel xxx


  • r u a FMS sufferer and if so 4 how long Mal?

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