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Hi I'm New to this group. Just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and I also have cervical spondylosis. I have constant pain all over my body and constant headaches. I have flare ups about every six weeks which means I need to stay in bed for at least two days. I work for the nhs and my manager tried to put me on a stage one for my sickness which is basically a discipline but I appealed against this and won pending my diagnosis. Hopefully now they might be more understanding to my situation and appreciate the effort I make everyday to stay in work. Nice to find I'm not alone and there are other people who understand my situation

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Hi Lynn, welcome to the group. I also work for the NHS, or should I say worked for them. My managers have been great with me throughout my illnesses. I also have a cyst on my spine that's required 3 lots of surgeries so far. Unfortunately, because I'd been off for a year, ending up on no pay, they had to terminate my contract on the grounds of ill health. I was pleased that they put into writing that it no way reflected my excellent work record. I feel your pain too as I also am in constant pain. You take care and feel free to talk anytime you want to Hun.


Hi Lynn1451 let me wish you a warm welcome to our group. We have a wonderful group of members who i am sure you will fit in with right away. Sorry you have been diagnosed with fibro it is a very difficult illness to understand I have been trying for 30+years and I am still learning new things every day. You may like to take a peek at our mother site it has a wealth of information I am sure you will find very helpful fmauk.org

I see you have not locked your post you may wish to do this now and for all futer posts. It keeps what you write about private to just this community and won't end up on the world web. this link will help you. healthunlocked.com/fibromya...

If you need further help please don't hesitate to ask any of our admin team I hope you have a nice day :)



Hi there lynn1451 it's a great forum with wonderful members who help each other with their experience s and also a listening ear we also do have our light hearted moments as well which helps, glad you've joined I've been a member for 4 months now it's really helped me and I never feel isolated at all xxx


Welcome to our wonderful fibro family :) I hope you find all of the support and help that you require! We have amazing members on here and it's such a warm and loving place :)

I really hope that you work gain more understanding and perspective hun! Have you tried any other non medical methods such as a TENs machine, magnesium spray and epsom salts xxxx


Welcome to the group. Glad you won your first battle about your illness at work. Look forward to your future posts.x


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