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Fibro newby

Hi all,

I was diagnosed with fibro about 6 weeks ago after finding out I don't have arthritis as I thought which has been on goin since 2006, so at least now I can put a name to my condition. What I'm finding hard is to control the pain without feeling like a zombie. I'm currently taking codeine and paracetamol. I've been prescribed venlafaxine which completely wiped me out and had them replaced with amitriptyline which help me sleep but do nothing else for me. Ive been signed off sick from work but worry how long I'm gonna be off for as my finances will soon hit rock bottom. I get so frustrated with myself because I can't do the simple things without feeling pain. I used to be able to run up the stairs but now I struggle getting my legs in and out of the car. Am I ever gonna be normal again. Advice would be much appreciated 😞 x

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Hello and welcome to the site. Have you been referred to a pain clinic. It is possible that with the right medication you could feel much better.

I am sorry but we have all had to find a new `normal`But life goes on and in spite of every thing we can be happy.

On this site we like to take part in word play that keeps our minds occupied and gives us a laugh.

O and try taking your amitriptiline about 7.00 pm so that the affects will have worn off by morning and you dont wake up with a hang over. The link to our mother site is,

There is a lot of info there that will help you to understand more and we are always here to support you.

Lots of hugs sue.

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Hello sue, thanks for your reply. I've not been refered to anyone yet which I can't understand why as I've noticed on on other posts that most people have. Maybe I should mention it on my next visit. I will take your advice and take my amitriptyline earlier as it does give you the hangover feeling the following morning. I'm also a bit concerned about the fact that one of the side effects is weight gain and I'm not of the slender type so the last thing I need is more pressure on my joints. That is a worry!! Something else to query at my next appointment. Thank you for the link sue. Take care xx


I would just like to welcome you to the site. I am pasting and copying this from my reply to the other newbies who posted today as the fingers will only do so much typing so excuse the repitition.Have you had a look at our Mother site FibroAction as it is an absolute mind of information?. Fibro can be a very fluctuating condition and some people after initial diagnosis and treatment manage to hold down a job but unfortunately others find that they have to give up work and claim ESA and PIP.

I liken being ill with a long term condition like a form of beareavement as we have to go through the cycle of mourning our old life and making a new one. Like you I was an extremely active person swimming quite long distances each week and walking for at least an hour a day and it is such a reality check when you find that just walking for 10 minutes knocks you about as much as a marathon. Your body is probably adjusting to getting used to the medication I know it took mine some time to get used to Pregablin but now apart from making me feel tired I don;t have any other side effects. I don't know what your firm's policy is about sick pay but you can claim for ESA when they stop paying you this. The admin people who are brilliant have access to guides from the Benefit and Works site if you decide to claim for ESA and PIP and these guides are brilliant at helping you fill in forms.

They are a great group of people on this site who have wonderful knowledge unfortunately from first hand experience on everything fibro related. None of us are medically trained but it is so good to be able to discuss the strange symptoms that fibro often brings us and know that we are not alone. The forum also has fun, you might think some of us are a chip short of a butty with some of our jokes but it is actually our way of keeping sane. Please pop back if you have any questions and there is nearly always someone out there who can help or at least emphathise with you.xx


Thank you so much for your reply, it's good to know I've got help and advice out there should I need it. 6 weeks ago fibromyalgia was just a word to me so I do have a lot to learn about this condition. Reading up on it isn't a problem but remembering what I've read is.. I've become so forgetful lately. Not sure if that's the medication or the condition. xx


It could be a bit of both. As your body gets more used to the meds and it can take a bit of time with some people you start to get used to managing that slightly out of it feeling. They don't call it fibro fog for nothing either it is amazing how many notebooks and post it notes we tend to have about the place. Seriously, at the moment you have had alot to take in being newly diagnosed and getting used to the meds so probably both your mind and body is in a bit of a state of shock. Hopefully as you come to terms with it more this will get better.x


Hello again. Yes fuzzy headedness is part of fibro.

You can find out more by typing in Fibromyalgia/cognative disfunction'

I have just remembered that there is an alternative to Amtriptiline if you cant get on with the dopey side. I dont know what its called but i know a man that does. :p


Hi spiritof25

Welcome to the forum and I sincerely hope that you find it useful, informative and loads of fun! I am so sorry to read of your suffering and your struggle and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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