Exercise and Fibro

Hello everyone, hope you all are good.

I have been wondering about how exercise affects fibro. I started attending the gym again.. Swimming and treadmill. However... I now find myself stiff, sore, tired and out of sorts.

I was diagnosed with fibro one month ago, after suffering for about three years. I use to love working out, including boxing... I had to stop the boxing about a year ago, because everytime I did it, I would have flare ups.

I was a little silly and did a little on a boxing bag a few days ago. Since then, I have felt awful😥.

Had anyone haf any similar problems? I feel as though I'm going crazy. I can't seem to come to terms with this condition.

Thank you all. Look after yourselves xx

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  • Hi, ive suffered with fibro for about 10yrs now and was always a very sporty, fit active person. It took me a long time to realise i couldnt do the the same exercise or the same intensity as before. I now find walking, swimming, cycling are my best forms of exercise, i gave up the gym completly, but everyone is different. I usually only walk & stretch when having a flare up tho, as much as it hurts doing when in a flare up, it does actually help a bit. What ever exercise you do, start small and build up slowly. Also daily or twice a day gentle stretching helps alot. Also, things like gardening, housework, going out to work etc can make your body feel like its already had a workout so then having a session at the gym or swimming etc can easily push you into a flare up. If youve had a hard day then do a light exercise like go for a walk , if its been a steady day then do a little more if you feel up to it. Dont forget to rest. To start with try a one on one off regime (1 day exercise, 1 day rest) everyone is different and you will probably try lots of things until you find something that suits but you will get there. Ps Stress will make your fibro worse too! Xxx

  • I agree with all of the above. The best advice I was given was exercise in moderation and listen to your body, balancing exercise with rest. Don't give exercise up though: it will help to keep you going and relieve some of the adrenaline build up (if that makes sense) from daily stresses. Good luck

  • Hey,

    Exercise is a weird one with fibro as I’ve found that it affects people in different ways. For example I can’t do swimming as it makes me go into an awful flare but I know a lot of other people find it helps! I go to the gym and do weights or some light walking; I would advise you give it a few weeks for your body to adjust before making any decisions! Also try new things because you will find something that works! ♥️

  • With swimming i got told by the Fibro clinic in london that it's not great to do as you have head back which is where fibro effects us! so causes issues.

    But as you say many are different

  • Hi Anita, I find gentle exercise works best for me, walking, yoga and swimming. Maybe you could just try the swimming without the gym work for a while and see if that is better for you.

    Also don't try and push through the Pain!! As soon as you try to feel sore then Stop!

    It is better to exercise little and often, rather than long periods, take regular breaks. As daniellegemma says you can experiment and see what helps you best, xxx

  • I was a avid gym member for over 40 years, going at least 3 times a week. However I found it more and more difficult to recover after each gym session in recent times and reluctantly made the decision to stop 18 months ago. I try and keep active by walking everyday, but even find that difficult some days. I desperately miss the benefits of the gym, but not the pain and suffering.

  • Hi, sorry to hear about your frustrations. I have had fibro type symptoms for over 10years but no formal diagnosis however all the advice above is the way I cope with it. Yoga/Pilates has really helped, I walk a couple times a week and try little hogs on better days. Pacing is crucial but also try if your body lets you to keep doing something.

    I have found the lighter I am the easier my body feels regarding morning stiffness. One thing I’m still guilty of is if I have a day when I feel well and more like “me” I go overboard with housework etc but then boy do I know it-hence mentioning pacing.

    Good luck and just listen to your body xx

  • Ying yoga is supposed to be beneficial for fibro as it stretches the myofasial membrane. You will find lots of videos on YouTube if you do a search. I'm at the stage that even everyday care tasks cause pain and stiffening of muscles. My whole body feels on fire. I hope you find what works for you.

  • Trouble i find is that it's not then but later on i get the bad effects of doing things also often get that chill feel like going down with something as well

  • Hi im in a similar situation i have fibro,heds,arthritis to name but a few i have also just had a double knee op 11wks ago (im walking bone on bone i have no cartilidge left) i need two new knees,me an hubby have been gym members for 2 1/2yrs going in the gym and swimming 3/4times aweek, im on crutches in the house an a wheelchair when i go out so ive only just returned to swimming and my first aqua class last week,i cant swim prperly as to painfull but i do exercises in the pool.i to pay the price the next day but i take strong pain killers and use cream every day due to widespread chronic pain syndrome,its difficult its the lesser of two evils pain if i do pain if i dont it gets me out as ive just spent nearly 7wks indoors.sorry to have waffled but i feel your pain take care joanne x

  • Hi I joined a gym a few years ago went for a week and it hurt so bad ,put me out of action for a few months .I don't think we can do excersise like gym unless we can put up with the pain it brings .I have an expensive tread mill which if I ever forget and go on it I'm in pain for months ,it's murder on the treadmill .I think walking is about all I can manage and that's problematic as I have probs with feet .xx

  • I agree with everything thats been said above. It's about pacing yourself. See what works for you. Whatever you do, make sure you start slowly then build up. I usually do walks and swimming I can't manage anything else. I was very active and at times my mind doesn't accept that and I try to do things I used to do before then pay for it later. It's difficult to come In terms with your condition and knowing your not the same person anymore. It's tough battle. But you need to build towards it and it may take time but as long as you are making progression that's the main thing. Good luck, and keep strong to everyone on here. Your not alone!

  • Hi...

    Thank you all so very much, all advice and suggestions regarding exercise has helped.

    Take care my friends xxx

  • Anita, u are so right. I too have fibromyalgia since 2012 and I refuse to exercise! 😕

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