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Hi All I just want to say hello. I'm having a rough time at moment. Being in denial doesn't help

Hi All I just want to say hello. I'm having a rough time at moment. Being in denial doesn't help

I have fibro supposedly. I have just told myself there is no point in going back to doctors as two things will happen. I will either die ,so how I feel wont matter or I will live, so I don't need to worry anyway. I just need to tell someone who doesn't know me . Thanks !!!

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hello hun, welcome, we're a friendly group who will listen, share, support and understand. we even have silly virtual days out :)

there is a lot of info available by clicking on the butterfly on the top of the page.

if you go to the gp you will be able to access many agencies;- physio; counselling; adaptations; hydrotherapy and more.

fibro is not fatal - though it is a shock and not very nice to have.

now you have joined us here, on this site, you are not alone, ask questions, share worries and feel free to join in the banter and our fun themes.


hamble :)

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Coming to terms with fibro is a long process, coming here you'll see how supportive and caring (and nutty) we are. It's a scary diagnosis and there is no one cure for all. Everyone finds different things that help - whether thats medicines or other things. I find the anonymity offered here allows me to express things that I would not say either face to face or to my close friends or family, and I hope you'll find it useful too.

*gentle hugs*


honey dont be alone , we all come on here to talk to each other , i was in ur boat once myself till i found this site , it does help just to clear the air with yourself believe be honey if you have it you got it , its no joke , but we learn to live with it , as even though we dont want people in our life meaning our family know or talking to them as you feel they wont understand , some are lucky to have the support others dont , but this is why this site is here to help us get it off our chest , u must go back to ur docter and get the support honey it not much but tell them how ur feeling if you have a good docter they will be there for u honey so good luck keeping touch ok my heart goes out to u xx:)

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Hey decluttering honey your not alone in this I like you had to come to terms with fibro even my children had to come terms I sincerely hope you have some sort of support and you will certainly have alot of support on here so don't hesitate to talk on this site it is brilliant so if you got questions and you need answers just ask ok honey. Gentle hugs. Ros xx

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Hi decluttering

Hello and welcome to the forum, and I really hope that it helps you as much as it helps me? When you are on here you will never be alone, as we all understand how you feel and where you are coming form.

I am pasting you a link below to our parent site, FibroAction, it has so much information on Fibro. So I genuinely hope that you find it useful?

If you ever need a friend or a shoulder to lean and moan on, just post!

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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Hi decluttering, Fibro sucks! It is a hard one to get your head around. This forum is a good place to start, it was for me, information is at hand and there is usually someone about to listen to the rants and ravings :) The plus side to it, is again this forum, there are some very witty people and very caring people on here. I hope you feel better soon and can enjoy the virtual fun :)


Hi decluttering,

I can really relate to how you're feeling. It's been almost three years now and I'm still trying to come to an understanding and acceptance of this horrible illness.

For me, the main issue is that it just doesn't feel LOGICAL. It's like, how can I have an illness that doesn't appear to have a clear Cause - ie. how I got it, and doesn't appear to have a clear diagnosis or indeed a clear treatment or Cure - basically, what I need to do to get rid of it!

It's particularly difficult for those of us who may have been educated or raised to have a more scientific bias to our way of thinking and even those of a spiritual bent struggle to understand - especially if their coming from the perspective of 'Cause and Effect'.

I'm constantly reviewing my current symptoms and any new ones that come along to either chalk it up to Fibro or investigate further. Most of us on this forum are constantly researching the condition to see if we can come up with any additional information or definitive conclusions regarding the causes and treatments so Welcome to the site, fight the urge to throw your hands up in despair and keep reading/posting.

Knowing what others are experiencing and how they are dealing with the various issues is extremely useful, thought provoking and strangely comforting on occasion. You never know, we may yet get to the bottom of this strange and exacerbating condition which health professionals,sufferers and the DWP are still struggling with.

Wishing you better health and coping skills.

Stay Strong and Stay Positive. Fight the Fibro!


See about getting referred to a pain clinic sweetheart. You don't have to suffer. Please see you doctor as this disease is so depressing and you need help, believe me I've been there. Hug's for you!!! Mitzi


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