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Hi everybody and gentle hugs to all,

I know it may seem a strange question but has anyone developed a mega sweet tooth since having fibro?


I never had a sweet tooth but I have had fibro for about 14 years and now crave sweet stuff. I try to keep it in check but sometimes I have to give in. I am trying to keep my weight down so I can stay mobile but sometimes it is so hard. It may not seem a very important question but I am just curious.

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Hi Ruby,

I think you are right. There is definite increase in the passion for sweet things like yummy cakes sweets chocolate puddings I wonder why ! Perhaps it is just comfort eating :D



Yes, I have. I didn't touch sweet things before 2008, wasn't interested in chocolate, biscuits or puddings - but now, I have to have a large bar of chocolate every day or I feel a bit shaky and deprived. I also find if I don't have anything sweet in the evening, my insomnia is much worse. I've also noticed I load on carbs too. Whether it's the Fibro or the medication, it's hard to distinguish, but I am at best 2 stone heavier now than before Fibro, and at worst 5 stone, depending on how much of a handle I have on the eating.

I would really like a gastric band so I couldn't eat, but I'm not fat enough. Sorry if that isn't the answer you wanted.

Hugs, Alex



Heck yes, most of the time I can ignore it or make do with 2or3 plan bickies. This is the reason that I do not buy or keep sweet things in the house but sometimes find i am walking round and climbing the walls cus I can`t find sweeties. The same feeling as when I was giving up fags. I have even resorted to being Mary Poppins without the medicene....sue :)

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Heehee! X

Morning rubycat, I can honestly say I have, I have never had a sweet tooth, until a year ago, now I have three to four squares of dark chocolate a day, and don't ever leave me with a box of original jelly babies cos you won't get any back, I wouldnt mind but I've had these conditions inc fibro since I was 11yrs now 72 and it's only the last year that I seem to have develped this sweet tooth, I've also out on a stone over the last 6months, I put it down to the meds, I think they give you an increased appetite for sweet things, if I blame the meds then I don't feel so bad lol...hugs...Dee x

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Oh Dee Jelly babies my favorite

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There mine too now, also I love gin-gins sweets I get them from holland and barrat, they are ginger candy, they are really nice also good for the digestive system....Dee x

Hello Rubycat,

It is an important question as I personally think it happens because of how we respond to sugar especially it's effects on mood & energy

The taste of sugar also releases endorphins that calm and relax us, and offer a natural "high," says Susan Moores, MS, RD, a registered dietitian and nutrition consultant.


Fibro patients often find that stimulants are a double edged sword: although they might boost energy levels in the short term, they may cause more problems in the long-term. Caffeine and sugar are two dietary stimulants to be wary of. If you are noticing that you are needing more and more of these or that your symptoms worsen after consuming them or that you are becoming dependent on them, then it may be worth considering cutting down on these or even cutting them out completely (Lindsey Middlemiss 2009)


Here's some more useful information about sugar;


I would imagine many in the community will say they have a sweet tooth including myself, however since being a bit more careful what I eat I have felt better by reducing my sugar intake I must admit. Finding it hard tho' ! :)

I believe it is Dark Chocolate which is the best for you, so Cookie72 may be doing the best thing a few squares each day. What shall we do chain the rest of the bar up inside a fridge with a code lock !!

Joking aside, we do need to be aware of the effects of sugar due to the increasing problems with Diabetes. I found this on Diabetes UK which may help;


My results were 7-15 -increased , a handy tool for people who can have a personal private report sent to your email with helpful hints !

I hope this post raises awareness and I think we need to think about lifestyle choices

Thank You for highlighting this

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

Hi ther a feel the same I asked my GP about this because the craving s r really bad at times I have to have it my doctor said its because our body's are so tired and weak that it needs energy ..a was never One for chocolate cakes or sweet things but iam know xx

Omg I thought I was the only one and that I was going mad. It's driving me crazy but I control it no matter what I do! My weight has increased and I'm trying to stay mobile but nothing I do is stopping my cravings! Gentle hughs x

Hi rubycat

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as can be? I am so sorry but I can't really answer your question as I have always had a sweet tooth for as long as I can remember. I am a real and genuine biscuit aficionado!

I sincerely hope that you are as well as can be?

Ken x

Me too! I can't stop eating sweet things I eat a big bag of sweets every other day and in between chocolate buscuits puddings I can't stop I even miss meals for sweets I now it's bad I've got to get it sorted x

Hi there I understand, especially at night, I get out of bed to eat and have put on 13kg's I tell myself each night I wont do it butttttttttt it happens again. wishing you well.

i have always had a sweet tooth -so I was told btu for the last 5 years haven't been interested in cakes biscuits snacks or puddings but chocolate now ,that's a different matter,have gone without buying any for a couple of days and by the time evening comes round I am searching the cupboards for some hopefully missed chocoalte

I have actually gone right off sugar, I used to have a really bad sweet tooth now it is all about savoury.

The weirdest thing for me lately was really weird. I could not even stand the smell of tea, but last year I suddenly got a real bad craving for a cup of tea, and I have not been able to get enough since.

Ooh yes, can't get enough of sweet things and regularly miss proper meals to eat cake. I know it's bad but have no will power. I think having low energy that comes with fibro makes you crave sweet things. Chocolate is my favourite . Yum .

Hi there, I never ever used to have a sweet tooth, infact I really didn't like anything sweet at all. Despite having had Fibro for many many years it didn't seem to increase my desire for sweet things at all, jam, cake, biscuits chocolate eeeuuughh But then a friend offered me a Strawb from the well known

H.....o brand and oh my, I love them, I keep them in the car so that I don't just go grabbing them and I only allow myself 3 at any one time, I thought it might have changed my sweet tooth but no, chocolate etc., still does nothing for me at all.

I did take the test and came back with a score of 4, so I think I am lucky and hopefully will avoid diabetes. Having said that I know we get sugars too from fruit etc which I do eat, so I wonder if that might impact, it wasn't mentioned in the test.

Hey ho.........

Foggy x

Absolutely yes. I try to keep fruit by my bed so I dont go koo koo on the carbs.


I've always had a sweet tooth. Apparently when I was a baby I was considered underweight, so I was prescribed by a doctor to have 6 TABLESPOONS of sugar in EACH bottle of formula milk. So, here I am now, as an overweight adult and a sugar habit I would love to break but that I find impossible to kick.

I've heard that some folk with fibro that have gone on a sugar and gluten free diet, feel that removing those things from their diet has been life changing, and such a positive thing. I'd love to try it but I'm not sure I'd cope to be honest!

Yea me dont eat lot but crave terrible boohoo xx

The older you get the harder it is to avoid sweet and chocolate goodies. Oh yum I have even taken to to sweets in the fridege to et when I can stand it no longer! :) A lso custard oh and cream ooh

what can I do today xxgins

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