When will I get pip back pay?

Had tribunal on the 24th November and I won was awarded standard care, I've been told it will be backdated but I don't know how long it will take..I called them yesterday was told they got the paperwork from the court and it's being put on the system but that doesn't help..claim was filed 23/07/14 so that's 71 weeks..I should get SDP too, but not sure how long that will take either..does anyone have any guidance or rough guess as how much it will be and how long it might take, I'm in limbo..

Thank you..it's so frustrating!

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  • I had a long wait for my pip awarded only 6 months of my backbpay lost over a year they said the awarded. It from the point my gp increased my medication but I got it till 2017 I took advice and was told they could reverse back to original result it was just another way of not paying but I would have to go through it in less than a year again l hope all goes well for you

  • Mine was only until 2016, I don't understand how they got away with this, I've been told by them I will get it back paid, they'd better..I don't understand how this is legal..

    Can I ask was this a straight pip application or was it a crossover from DLA?

  • Hi Ellejm,

    Could I ask if you were in receipt of DLA and it was a transfer over to PIP or was it your first claim for PIP ? ...... I ask this so that I can try and help answer you correctly 😊

    Foggy x

  • No it was 3rd attempt but no DLA involved..

  • It was a new claim and what a nightmare it was dreading renewal they could call people in a year early too

  • Oh hell how is this legal?

  • They make the rules could you try to get in a support group under reg35

  • Tried and wasn't successful been in WRAG since 2009

  • I would give that another go I got someone from dial to fill my forms in they made a thing better for me

  • My gp is a pain which don't help matters, they want me to do hydrotherapy, counselling and Gawd knows what else..I haven't got the strength..

  • I know its hard but they like you to tick all the boxes I was at hospital yesterday and I am shattered today you have to keep strong or it just swallows you up

  • Hope you are ok..I've been strong for so long that I can't hold on any longer..had enough, this is what we get for being good citizens..huh maybe I should break the law, might get help then

  • I wish there was something to help you more

  • If I was you id say to the doctor that it looks like to much at once trying to live with this illness is quite enough and can be exhausting . Although fibro management can be of great help it helps one get to know ones own individual fibro and some tools to help one manage it. I know if I have to much going on all at once its just to much, I'm sure he she will understand your need to pace things out so that you can. Sorry if I went on a bit and only help you . x

  • Thank you..my gp thinks fibro is a BS illness that people are diagnosed with it cos they can't find out what's wrong, he used to be so supportive but over the past 2 years he's been an absolute sod, nasty and critical which he never was before, this is part of the issue I have, I have little evidence of pain/illness he just keeps me on vast amounts of morphine..

  • Hi again,

    I'm afraid I haven't been able to find any conclusive answers for you, but if I were Iin your shoes I would ring the DWP again t try and clarify the matter, though I will say that my in my experience things with the DWP are rarely dealt with quickly, which is horrendous for those who are suffering extreme distress and stress waiting to know what is truly happening. I would also say I would be very surprised if you did get it backdated for the entire 71 weeks since your claim, but as I said I haven't been able to find substantive information on that.

    I know you have already rung the DWP but here is the number that relates to your situation in particular 0345 850 3322

    The other thing I wanted to ask you is whether you are in the Support Group on ESA, you also said you should get SDP payment - has that been something which the DWP has told you you are eligible for?

    The CAB may well also be able to help you with information about back payments and you might also find some useful information at benefitsandwork.co.uk

    Sorry not to have been of more help, but I'm sending you lots of positive vibes.😊

    Foggy x

  • From what I can make out those that aren't getting backdated is due to it being a crossover from DLA, mine isn't and I've asked them more than once and they have said it will be backdated for the 71 weeks..I'm in the WRAG and no one is a carer for me over aged 18..

    I keep getting told different things..which makes it worse..

  • Wow you are right I phoned them just now and they said it goes to a decision maker after that if they don't agree they won't pay it..they said I then have the option of an upper tribunal..what the hell do we have to do to get justice, I've provided endless evidence, am on a massive amount of morphine and they still could argue..

    Looks like it's going to be a miserable Xmas cos I can't fight this anymore..

  • Hi Ellejm

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I have just read through your thread, and I sincerely hope that you can get all of your money backdated to you and in time for Christmas. It is very frustrating, and I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Write or email your MP; it's part of his job to help.

  • Not a chance, my MP is as helpful as a chocolate teapot, he thinks the bedroom tax is a good idea...no I'll end up in trouble, I have to avoid him..

  • You will get sdp automatc and all back pay check your bank in a few days mine went in never told me....had shock of my life dwp will put in very soon mine took a week all there...6months back pay...now i got to go esa for another assess ment im on high morphine too...nitemare the pip are slow with backpay....

  • Hello Ellejm,,,,,I understand the long wait is nearly over for you,,,,and now the when will it arrive is the next along with how much,,,,,, look up on the web site for the weekly amount, firstly before April, then after as the rates change,,,,,

    The multiply the weekly amount by the number of weeks,,,do this for each amount,,,,then add them together and this should be the amount they will pay you,,,,but as always they never seem to think you are waiting for the funds,,and not amount of rushing them will make them go any faster than civil servant speed!!,,,,,

    Hope it arrives before crimble,,,and you enjoy spending it on the things you have chosen to buy,,,,,ttfn from Karen.

  • I won my tribuneral a week ago should I have been payed the 8 months pay they owe me by now? If not when will I get it?

  • I got my letter on Saturday to say that I had won my appeal and in the same letter they told me that the back pay i am owed would be in my bank on Monday which it was.

    Also for information I contacted mobility about getting another mobility car and if I want to apply right away I have to give £1750 back from the £2000 that the mobility gave me plus I have to pay mobility three weeks back pay because I was allowed to keep the car for three weeks after my DLA payments stopped so if you hope to get your car back this is what applies.

  • Can someone help me please

  • Hi can anyone help me please I applied for pip at the start of October 2016 and I went for my face to face assessment on the 9th december 2016. I then got a letter on the 16th December 2016 saying I have been awarded the standard rate daily living of £55.10 a week and I got the enhanced rate mobility of £57.45 a week then this it what it says on the letter (we will pay £112 into my account on 22 December 2016 this is the money they owe me from 9th December to 15th December (which I did recieve) we will then pay your benefit into your account every 4 week in arrears on a Friday) does this mean I will get paid 4 weeks money on the 13th January 2016 and will I get backdated money from October from when i first made my claim it is confusing me I've read online that I will get backdated and some others say I won't. If I do get backdated when will it be please and also before I applied I have never had or applied for pip or dla

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