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my username speaks for itself!!!

OMG! Have a busy day car hunting today (desperate now). Decided that pain or not I would go to bed and even if I didn't sleep I would rest in the quiet and dark in my king sized bed (rarely used lately), I had two hopes, bob hope and no hope. My delightful neighbours decided to treat me to their marathon argument, how can you have so many problems that keep you rowing all night? Long and the short of it is that I am completely knackered and in pain everywhere. Can't even take meds cos I need my fuddled brain at it's best today. Would blast the radio now if I could handle the racket.

Sorry for the ramble but just had to get it out of my system. I hope you all had a better night and here's to a better day.

Cyber hugs, Karen x

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Oh dear! I genuinely hope that you can get some good quality sleep tonight!

Take care

Ken x


Hi Karen, sleeplessness and fatigue are really hard to cope with aren't they and it always seems you have a worse night when you've got something important to do the next day as if fibro fog isn't enough. Anyway I just want to wish you all the best for the day and I hope your pain isn't too bad. Gentle hugs. Louisex


Thanks for the message Louise,

Actually had 7hrs straight last night, seems to be a pattern where I hardly sleep for about 5 days and then gone! Didn't help pain but a bit clearer head (until tramadol was needed).

Had shower and forgot if I'd shaved my underarms! So funny and it makes me chuckle (got to have laugh).

Anyway thanks again for your warm wishes and I hope you are ok today.

cloud hugs to you x


That's good to hear. I've got most pain in my face today really hate it as it always turns into a headache or migraine. X


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