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painful hands and knees

Hi all,

just a quick question. i am now suffering from chronic pain in both hans and evn my fingers. finding it hard to wring out wash cloth a pain is terriable. i also have a lot of pein in both knees. is this part of the fibro progression. of to see GP on the 12th and for my ESA medical. as i have not been assessed with fibro yet i know i will be found fit for work but lets face it who would employ someone who can not be well everry day and can hardly carry out daily tasks.

many thanks


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Hi there there's nothing worse than not knowing the ins and outs when our bodies goes through changes Im not a doctor so couldn't be specific and you will need to see him to find out it the pains you have are something else or not if not then its fibro. You asked is this a progressive part of fibro well I can only talk from my experience and that if im getting pains in joints that are tissue or muscle then its can be a warning that I need to take it easy manage the stress where you can. The thing with fibro is that it doesn't actually damage the muscles but I've found the more chronic pains the more muscles spasm then they do get stiff in the long run. So really important to manage what stress you can . Im hoping your aches and pains are relieved in some way and a solution is found for you . In any case hope it helps a little. Oo one thing I would say is make a list of all the regular pains like daily ones etc. and tell them to your doctor cause this will help him to diagnose and also it will help your claim if they contact him. I say this causes I was all over the place at first panicking when new pains happened not really knowing what was wrong with me and couldn't explain thing s well so hoopoe this helps a little anyways gota go now and hoping you take care today. xx


Hi dobie62

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue. It could be Fibro, but it is always advisable to discuss the problem with your GP just to rule anything else out, and to keep them up to date with what's going on for you.

I have pasted you the link to FibroAction's page on Fibro symptoms, so I hope this is useful to you:

I want to wish you all the best of luck and take care



Janet, I too have no strength in my hands. I am on disability as I couldn't work due to the fibro and decline of what it's done to me. You really need to get tested and hopefully get some relief. I feel your pain. Best of luck sweetheart!!!!


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